Sunday, August 7, 2011


i'm sick.

it hit full force last week.

as a result, i've been saving up my energy for work and have only ventured from my place twice. the rest of my time has been filled with work, reading, and sleeping. i could tell that things were getting worse with this hacking cough-cold-thing i have, when i wasn't certain if i was going to sit through the inforumsf panel event last week that featured ms tablehopper (moderator), joshua aidlin (aidlin darling design - bar agricole), charles phan, michale tusk, and paolo lucchesi. i'd been looking forward to the event for sometime, yet, when i met up with susanna, i indicated that i needed to sit toward the exit as i wanted to be able to make a quick exit if i felt a coughing fit arise. once sus and i arrived and met up with CK +SW, i remember hoping that i'd be able to make it through the event.

i had so much cold medicine in me that evening as well as many cough drops easily accessible for me to pop throughout the talk. thankfully, i made it through the panel even sans coughing....which was a very good thing as charles phan was really on fire that night. he was one of the primary reasons why i purchased the tickets. anyone that has followed my blog over the past few years knows that i'm a fan of his places....i rented the private room at slanted door for my bday dinner a couple of years ago, otd on bush is one of my regular haunts, and i can't seem to not order the fourth regiment cocktail at heaven's dog when i visit. i liked that he said pretty much whatever was on his mind peppered with some very practical advice. i suppose when you are charles phan, you can pretty much say whatever you want. i also thought it was quite funny that the journalist (lucchesi) was pretty quiet...and did have to laugh when he asked a couple of the other folks on the panel a couple of questions. sometimes, we can't change who we are...even when we are suppose to be the one answering the questions. i'm looking forward to the book he is writing with the humphry slocombe guys. it is already on my "must buy" list. i also thought it was funny that even if you didn't know who anyone was on the panel, it would be pretty easy to figure out who the designer was on the panel. the designer was the one that was looking really sharp or as the brits would say "quite smart". he was also the most diplomatic of the bunch...which makes complete sense. any successful design firm must be able to know how to communicate with clients. i really do love what he/his firm has done with bar agricole. it is a beautiful space. it completely appeals to my design aesthetic.

after the talk was over and everyone descended on the food treats .....

CK, susanna, and i ended up going to heaven's dog after the event which seemed quite appropriate. i enjoyed the meal + my fourth regiment cocktail quite a bit. it was fun being able to chat and laugh with CK and susanna over chicken wings, dumplings, squid, lamb, green beans, and noodles. while i enjoyed the talk, unsurprisingly the hanging out at dinner was my favorite part of the evening.

the next time i ventured out of my place was this weekend to attend my goddaughter's 5th bday party. while speaking to her on the phone earlier in the week on her actual bday, she made it pretty clear that she expected me to be at her party, sick or not. in fact, when she found out i was sick she immediately obtained a promise from me that i knew that her party was on saturday and that i would be there. smart and funny child huh.

the theme of her party this year was space.

her choice btw.

i am no longer surprised by some of EC's choices. like having an affinity for stuffed toy flys or books about bugs....or wanting to be a black spider for halloween....or how one of her favorite moments at disneyland was watching darth mol.....or how when she broke her arm in two places in a jumpy house...she didn't cry and wanted to continue playing.....or how about....well, it is really quite endless actually. she is her own person. she has been like that since she was born actually. i know grown adults that don't have her sense of self.

when she still holds her arms up for me to pick her up and proceeds to collapse into know...when all of a sudden their weight gets oddly i'm holding her i can't help but feverently wish that her amazing sense of independence and self will continue and survive the challenges of adolescence. methinks that her stubbornness will come in handy with this. i have a feeling that she will be ok.

well, i must go....there is something i need to get done for work before i go to sleep tonight.....

until later.


Chelsea said...

Is that a jello cup designed to look like the sky? so cute.

foodie hunter said...

yup yup. :)

there was the nebula punch and lunar pies (i.e., mini english muffin pizzas). she also had a space shuttle pinata filled with robot beads and glow in the dark bugs, as well as other space themed games.

it was a good day.