Monday, August 8, 2011

on the mend

i feel like i am on the mend today.

i haven't had entered into a coughing fit yet today (which is quite an accomplishment) and my headache has subsided since i had a moment of inspiration after my first round of early morning meetings today and cut my hair. it has been ages since i've cut it and it was getting way way too long. when i get a headache at the end of the day, it is usually my body telling me that it is time to put the hair down. yup, it was that long and heavy.

so i cut about 5-6 inches off. when you have hair as long as mine, it really doesn't take very long to hack off that took about 10 min... tops. i cut about 2 inches off at a time. fascinating really how headache is now gone. i guarantee that most people won't even my hair is still well past my shoulders. yet, cutting it off made quite a difference in how i was feeling. i should pay closer attention to things like that. it is easy to get wrapped up in work and such ....not wanting to bother with it.

it definitely made the next few hours of work be quite a bit easier without having to worry about headaches or coughing.

because i'm feeling on the road to recovery, i thought about how this opens up the strong possibility that i will be going to the hapa ramen popup tonight. i took a look at the "preview menu" on the tumblr blog as i was trying to figure out what i wanted to eat for dinner so that i could plan my "lunch" accordingly. methinks that one of the dishes i'll be noshing on will be the rye glazed pork well as "mushroom popcorn"....something that isn't listed on the preview menu but may make an appearance tonight. with that decided, i went to my kitchen and made myself a rather sumptuous lunch of peaches from frog hollow farms, fage greek yogurt, and a local buckwheat honey (which was surprisingly mild for a buckwheat honey).

actually what i did was eat an entire frog hollow farm peach first..."as is" because they are just so delicious. then, i ended up scolding myself a wee bit .....and told myself i should at least do "something" with the second peach. so hence, the yogurt and the honey.

it does make for a pretty lunch doesn't it?

methinks this lunch will allow me to fully take advantage of some of the dishes on the hapa ramen popup menu at bar tartine tonight.

by the way, if someone has heard of a local (as in SF Bay Area/CA local) dark raw buckwheat honey....will you please let me know? the last raw buckwheat honey that i've enjoyed quite a bit was local to new york. i bought it at zabar's (they actually had quite a few from what i remember) on the UWS. yet, i haven't come across a CA-based local one yet.

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