Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pasta comfort

i'm tired.

methinks this is going to be an ongoing theme for a i have two pretty large projects coming on the 15th and the other on the 22nd....which has resulted in some early mornings and late nights for the past few days and will likely continue for the next couple of weeks.

so as i wind down for the evening, instead of sharing with you some of the weary and tired thoughts that are running through my mind, i'll just share with you some pics of the lunch i made for myself earlier today.

for some odd reason, i've had the combo of roasted padron peppers, roasted cherry tomatoes, red chili flakes, garlic, and creme fraiche with wide noodle pasta in my head. i wanted something savory, smoky, spicy, creamy, with bright bites of tangy sweetness. it is a rather odd combination of simultaneous of wants isn't it? yet, that is one of the great things about cooking at having the opportunity to make the most random things based on whatever whimsy or mood i'm in.

i very much doubt that i would ever see this random combo on a menu anywhere.

i started by putting on some salted water to boil for the pasta and then i started with the blistering the padrons (from tierra vegetables) in a hot pan. i actually didn't use any oil in the pan btw. i used a touch of mcevoy extra virgin olive oil after i finished blistering the peppers so that the maldon sea salt would cling to the peppers.

not only was i planning to use them for my pasta lunch, i also planned (and did) eat a few while i was cooking....kind of like my own amuse bouche.

aren't they lovely? they were also quite tasty.

then once the water was heated to boil.....i then heated some straus butter in a separate saute pan.....and once the butter was melted, i threw in some chopped garlic and peppers into the butter. i also put the pasta in the boiling water. after a couple of toss and whirls of of the garlic and peppers....i added some roasted cherry tomatoes i already had in my fridge.....along with some crushed dried chilies.....

then once everything was heated through......

the wide noodles were pretty much ready....and then i added the cooked pasta with a bit of the pasta water....

tossed it around a bit. then i turned off the heat and then added some creme fraiche and gave it a final toss......

it was all quite remarkably fast.

it was also just what i wanted for lunch today. something comforting.....which almost always means something pretty spicy when i am cooking for myself. then there were the hints of smokiness from the roasted peppers and the lovely bright moments of tangy sweetness from the roasted cherry tomatoes....which were lovely flavors layered into the dish. my tummy was pretty happy with me.

well, it is almost 1am and i have my first meeting of the "day" in a few hours, so i must get to sleep.

until later....

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