Thursday, August 18, 2011

raw sauce

when i was at market today to pick up a few things to make dinner for S&ON at their place, friends at market were asking me about what i was going to make. i said that i was going to make a chickpea thing and something with the early girl tomatoes from dirty girl and the acme bread. likely, mini sandwiches with the bread, butter, tomatoes, and pepper. i have a soft spot for variations of tomato sandwiches or tartines.

then, one of the friends, who i am not allowed to name, suggested grating the early girl tomatoes with a box grater, then adding microplaned garlic, some olive oil and salt. then spreading it on bread. i had never tried that before and asked if i use it for the blog, may i reference you as the recipe source? his response "fuck no". then the other friend suggested citing "northern spain" as the influence.

so that left me with a wee bit of a dilemma.

since it wasn't my idea.

so i decided to credit him with telling me about it...but not say what his name is.....thereby adhering to what he wanted but also mollifying my sense of ethics.

i used his advice as a baseline for making the appetizer for the dinner tonight. i don't own a box grater so i used a microplane that wasn't as fine as i used for the garlic. my assumption is that the box grater would have left some desirable texture to the tomatoes rather than having it be as finely crushed/grated using the wider microplane that i did.

yet, i used the equipment i had on hand. i really wouldn't have thought of grating a tomato, but i'm glad that i did. there was something really beautiful about it. likely the color in addition to the motions. he didn't provide ratios of the ingredients...but i don't think he needed to.

i tasted as i went along....finding the balance that i was happy with....a balance of the flavors where i could taste each ingredient. when the raw tomato sauce was done, i dipped the acme bread into it. just supremely delicious. it was also a big hit with S&ON as well.

something as simple as this relies quite heavily on the quality of each ingredient. i'm also very thankful for the friend providing the tips regarding the techniques as well. again, i would have never have guessed to grate a tomato. methinks i'd like to try a variation of this raw sauce as a dressing for pasta or with poached fish or steamed shrimp on the shell or perhaps, a spoonful on top of a shirred egg. oh, you knew i was going to put an egg reference in at some point. i have such an egg fetish.

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