Friday, August 26, 2011

tartly sweet

hmmmm. taking a moment. taking a break. snacking and thinking.

thinking some more.

the past week or so i've picked up these delicious tangy sweet pluots from the farmers market at the ferry building. i actually don't know if i've ever told you, dear reader, how plums and their various offshoots/hybrids etc....are amongst my favorite fruits.

there is something about the combination of sweet and tart that definitely appeals to me. not only do i find the tingly stimulation appealing on the taste is a fruit that also appeals to my sense of intellectual irony.

often times, i've thought about how fascinating it is to have seemingly contrasting, conflicting, and yet complementary flavors encompassed in a single sphere that fits in one hand. sweet and sour. tart and sweet. seemingly at opposite ends but not. intermingled to create something new.

it is a paradox.

much like life at times i suppose.

particularly at this moment. as i recall that choices, memories, and life may also encompass these same qualities. sweetly tart. tartly sweet. unpredictable in how it will showcase itself and predictable in its familiar flavors.

right now i'm looking at the rather lovely slices of pluot....i'm realizing that each time i taste a slice..... it is different and the same. sometimes the flavors are instantaneously sweet and tangy. sometimes the flavors begin sour as i taste the skin and the flesh closest to it.....and then that particular slice will end sweet. then sometimes it is an unpredictable flow that is instantaneous and alternating...with no rhyme or reason.... it just is what it is.

it seems appropriate that i be drawn to this fruit recently. i am no long surprised that what i eat and cook reflects what i am feeling and thinking in a given moment. i am willing to bet that you, dear reader, are not surprised as well.

you see....i'm going to atlanta for business and am considering whether or not to visit new york. i have a rather complicated relationship with new york. this has been depicted in many postings and most visibly within my multiple "love letters" to the city that have appeared throughout the years. i obviously love new york. yet, it is fully possible to love something and realize, rationally, that it isn't such a good idea.

i still haven't decided.

it could be really sweet.

it could be really sour.

methinks i'll just continue processing for a bit. you know, weigh the pros and cons....both intellectually and emotionally....of each tartly sweet memory and potential experience.

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