Monday, August 15, 2011

wheedling to pay for treats

submitted one of the big projects today, thankfully. one more left to go. well, for now anyway.

there does seem to be an almost never ending train of projects....which isn't a bad means a certain level of job security when there is a consistent demand for more work. i'm taking a break from everything at the moment. sometimes it is good to step away....take a breath....think about something else before i re-enter into something else.

so as i sit here, taking a break, looking through some of the recent pics i've taken....including this one...full of lovely colors of just some of the bounty i bought during my last trip to the farmers market.....

and some pics of the egg salad sandwich i made recently with acme bread, marin sun farms eggs, padron peppers from tierra vegetables, early girl tomatoes from dirty girl produce....

i can't help but chuckle to myself. i remember recalling a certain encounter at the market when i was making and eating the sandwiches.....and unsurprisingly, i'm recalling it now as i look through the pics.

since the hapa ramen folks made an appearance at the farmers market on saturday and i wanted to drop off some things for susanna, i decided to drop into a vendor i go to pretty regularly to buy the hapa ramen folks some treats. as this was almost 10am ish ...i know that they have already been at the market for about 4 hours or so....and hence treats to nibble on helps maintain energy. saturday market is a long day for the vendors....especially those that have to do tear downs of their stand and still clean and wash up the various equipment after the market shift is done. so when i stopped by one of my go-to vendors (who doesn't know that i'm foodie hunter btw) i was surprised when i recognized someone in the tent. this person is relatively new addition to the FOH for this vendor and by some quirk of fate, they recognized me.

"hey, i totally recognize you, you are with hapa right?"


then one of the other folks (who i do deal with regularly) in the vendor's tent naturally asked "you work at the market?"

this whole semi-anonymity thing gets a bit complicated sometimes.

or rather more than a bit complicated sometimes.

moments like this one.

my response was honest, "no, i don't work at the market. i just pitch hit for hapa sometimes when they are busy or down someone."

then when they figured out that i wanted to buy their treats to give to the hapa ramen folks, they indicated that they'd comp the treats and trade up later w/hapa ramen.
i was horrified by this because i kind of felt like i was in no position to trade on behalf of the hapa ramen folks...that is like inappropriately invoking someone else's name and appropriating their food...egad! how the hell do i get myself in these situations? even unintentionally! so i told them that they had no idea that the treats were coming and that i just wanted to buy them something. they still wanted to comp it. then i ended up pleading and wheedling about my paying...and they accepted my money.


i know they probably thought i was weird.

i'm shaking my head and laughing at the whole thing....even now.....i don't want to take advantage or misrepresent myself. i don't work in the market. i'm not in the industry. i don't have anything to trade. i don't want to take things that they can sell, especially when i go there with the full intention of paying. all of the vendors at the market need the money. they really do. things were a bit easier when i was completely anonymous.

yet, it all worked out.


this is what the world is coming to....i have to wheedle to pay for treats.

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