Sunday, September 11, 2011

861 and beyond

number 861.

this is posting number 861.

those that have been with me since the beginning, know that when i started this blog in march 2008, i started it with the intention of pushing my uber private awkward self to being more open and being more in the moment....and you've seen dear reader.... how i've pursued my passions for food, photography, and writing over the i type out posting after posting....within this sanctuary.

the hundreds of postings have been filled with ups, downs, and everything in between.....some of my most random private thoughts, rants, ideas, and moments have been typed out in flagrantly lower case type and with way too many typos. quite a few loved ones who know who i am "in the flesh" have expressed surprise and support over the years at just how honest i've been. also, i am continuously surprised when i receive the emails (and sometimes....interestingly enough....tweets or facebook messages) from folks....letting me know that they can relate to a certain situation...or saying how i am able to put into words what they wish they could say.... or appreciate that i am able to "see" them in the pursuit of their own passions. yes, there are haters/trolls....but i am continuously surprised by the level of random kindness i've received from complete strangers.

admittedly, it hasn't been be so honest here.

it hasn't been easy to know that such moments are being read, evaluated, and know that who i am as a person....warts and being evaluated and judged. because, let's be frank, this blog isn't primarily about food porn pics. over the years, as more and more people read the blog......i do have moments where i feel like i'm taking quite a few deep and panicked breaths. this pushing to be more open has yielded a full spectrum of results. yes, there have been awkward moments. yes, there are moments that i've been hurt. at the same time, there have been some truly lovely moments.

when i started this blog, i never imagined that i would have written over 860 postings. i never would have imagined i am where i am today.

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