Saturday, September 3, 2011

fresh dates

i bought some fresh dates from the heart of the city farmers market at civic center earlier this week. i had never seen them before.

as usual, i try to try at least one "new to me" thing a week. i'm looking forward to playing with them more.

so far, i've only tried it raw. the skin has some bitterness to it.

so i've eaten them with and without the skin.....

which is how i realized that the bitterness came from the skin. when eating them raw, there is a crispy texture like an apple. the first flavor is a slight bitterness, then chalkiness, and then slight sweetness that to me, does have nuances of date flavor....just not as sweet as the dried preserved dates one usually eats. when i tried them raw, it made me realize why jujubes are also referred to as "chinese dates". this reminds me that i should be on the lookout for them at the market soon. i'll probably have to go to the old oakland farmers market to get them.

anyway, in regards to fresh dates....i may freeze a couple as that was recommended by the farmer. i think i may also try salting them a bit to see if that helps make it less bitter. i may try salting them with dried chilies....trying them both raw...and then maybe grilling the salted spicy ones. i may also roast a couple....just to see what happens.....and perhaps poach a couple....and leave a few on the kitchen counter to mature even further as well. i think some sort of honey may help complement the sweetness for the ones that i don't allow to mature further on the counter. so many options to experiment with.

i'll let you know how it goes....

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