Monday, September 19, 2011

it is gonna hurt tomorrow (or later this morning)

earlier this evening, i was talking to the heart sister and i mentioned as we hung up that to i was going to get to bed since i have some early morning meetings happening.

when i hung up with the heart sister, i really did have complete and utter intention of just curling up in bed, reading for a bit, then going to know, like a responsible adult that i am.


then i get a text message from sus indicating that there was an extra wrist band for an after party at slanted door. it seems that one of the people that was helping them plate an event tonight wasn't able to stay for the after party. this was an opportunity that i wasn't about to ignore. i don't personally know charles phan but i am a fan of his food and have heard him speak at a couple of commonwealth club events (which has been well documented on this blog and twitter). for my rather blow out bday party a few years ago, i rented slanted door's private room and had one of my best birthday experiences there. the combo of being able to have some drinks, nibbles, and hang out with some loved ones was an opportunity worth missing sleep for. so i got dressed, grabbed a cab, and headed to the ferry building.

the food was delicious.....goi cuon....chicken wings.....dim sum....ribs....all so delicious. there were also this yummy punch with a hint of spice.....that went down so smooth. it was the kind of drink that you know is very dangerous because it doesn't taste like there is booze in it....but there so obviously is booze.

so, i'm pretty buzzed at the moment. when a friend came to pick both sus and i up, she mentioned that she could tell that i had been imbibing. i'm get rather silly when i'm buzzed....or more than buzzed.

in my fuzzy buzzy brain, i fully realize that i'm going to seriously pay for this in a few hours.....but at this moment, i don't seem to care very much.

yes, i know that is the booze speaking.

well, i should go nap.

until later dear hearts.....

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