Wednesday, September 14, 2011

oooohhhhhh aahhhhhhh - creme fraiche ice cream

sometimes things work out pretty well.

yes, sometimes they do indeed.

if you could see me right'd see me with a massive cheshire grin on my face.

one of the reasons why i enjoy being a home cook is being able to make food how i like it. i made a creme fraiche ice cream based on a recipe from the perfect scoop from david lebovitz and it was sublime. i made a couple of small i only had medium size eggs from marin sun farms (instead of the large he mentions) i used a couple of more egg yolks and as i bought two 8oz tubs of creme fraiche from cowgirl that did not add up to 480 grams, i added a bit of organic sour cream from straus to compensate.

then i kinda crossed my fingers and hoped that it would turn out ok.

it only took about 15 minutes in the machine for it to firm up.

i of course, was doing mini tastings as it was firming up.

it was incredibly sublime. i think this may become an addiction....a serious addiction. i adore creme fraiche becomes a food group when i visit i wasn't surprised that i would like it.....but the level of adoration i have for this flavor.

as i still had quite a bit of the jar of amarena cherries left over from the rye whiskey party, i decided to layer them into the ice cream. quite delicious.

there are so many opportunities for variations of pleasure using the creme fraiche ice cream as a starting point.....for example, how about ribbons of honey! swirls of homemade plum preserves! or how about topping it plain with chunks of frog hollow nectarines! oooooohhhhhh ahhhhhh, the pleasurable gluttonous possibilities are endless.

i'm so pleased at this moment.

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