Sunday, October 16, 2011

donuts and bacon

i'm rather lucky in the friends and family department.

really and truly.

methinks it was well over a month ago when CK indicated that she was interested in doing a donut brunch. i definitely blocked off the day for that event. i also had a feeling that it wasn't going to be just one type of donut. i suppose, it would be a reasonable assumption that if someone was going to make donuts for brunch....they'd only make one kind. well, CK is not the average or typical person....or cook.

it was a couple of days before the brunch when i received an message from CK asking me to purchase some bacon from hapa for the donut brunch. i texted sus about i wasn't certain how much bacon was in the kitchen...since they plated and sold out of the brussels sprouts, bacon, and slow cooked egg dish (which i loved) at the last popup at bar tartine. while hapa obtains whole riverdog pigs on pretty much a weekly basis....and then breaks down and uses all of the piggy......i wasn't certain how much of hapa bacon was available. it seems that i was in luck as richie had just recently smoked a batch.

i must admit that it was a bit surreal to be brokering a bacon purchase....for both a batch of sliced bacon and a slab. i also talked to sus and richie about it at market when i dropped by to do some shopping....and promised to bribe sus with a treat if she could deliver it to my place. i fully realize how fortunate i am in my friends.

yet, this is just one example of how important it is to many of my friends that they know exactly where their food comes from......who is the farmer? who prepares it? who is cooking it? it is a thread of respect for the food that carries through from the farmer, to the cooks, to those that eat it with pleasure and relish.

so when the fam + i arrived to CK's with the bacon (as well as a couple of bottles of hudson whiskey for LM as a belated bday present), the donuts were already underway....

naturally.....there were many different types of delectable donuts and glazes.....

of course.

CK immediately started to cook the bacon.

there was an amazing moment when i was hanging around the kitchen and inhaling the aromas of donuts and bacon cooking. my goodness.....i think that smell must have triggered more synapses than i can count at that moment.

everything was ready very quickly after we arrived, was plated, and brought to the table. LM also took some terrific food porn pictures which i was able to have a sneak peek at on their computer.....not only is LM a very talented musician....he is also a very talented photographer. in the future, there may be a collaboration between CK for food and LM for music...soooooo.....stay tuned.

there were lots of delectable donuts to choose from on the donut brunch tasting table.

among my favorite tastes were the banana cake donuts with the chocolate glaze....

and the donuts with the earl grey tea glaze......

i also liked the chocolate cake donut....even just the cake donut itself....

of course, CK didn't just do donuts but also made this very delicious frittata with spinach, guyere cheese, and i think leeks (but don't quote me on the leek part).does it really surprise anyone that i was the first one to dive into the frittata? i really loved that frittata. there was a part of me that wanted to sneak away with the cast iron skillet filled with that frittata.

....and the bacon....

sweet, smokey, savory, succulent bacon. sigh.

the hapa bacon was a huge hit.

i wasn't surprised.

there was point when pictures of some of the kids at the brunch were being taken and instead of saying "cheese"....they were saying "bacon!"

i kind of wished that i had a video camera at that moment....just to be able to show richie the kind of reaction his bacon produced.

the adults loved it as well.

now, as the weekend is coming to close, i'm thinking about the past couple of days. it was lovely to be able to spend quite a bit of time with the goddaughter and introduce her to just a hint of why i love being at the farmers' market on saturday mornings. i'm still chuckling at how much she enjoyed the "pork puffs" aka the chicharrones from 4505 meats that morning. it was also a treat to have the heart sis over for an evening as we made it a "girls" night family dinner over soba, veggies, and eggs from the market....before the entire family met up on sunday in order to go to CK's for the lovely donut brunch.

it was a pretty great weekend. i'm very fortunate in my family and friends.

until later dear readers....


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