Friday, October 21, 2011

hamilton + severson

ck and i attended the severson and hamilton talk on thursday night. i'd been looking forward to this for some time. i've been fortunate to have heard kim severson speak i already knew how witty, sharp, and wickedly funny she is. quite frankly, she was the reason why i wanted to buy the tickets. she absolutely delivered. during the talk, there was an earthquake/after shock and she suggested that the bloggers write that gabrielle hamilton "rocked the house"....and i couldn't help but think that it was ms. severson that rocked the house. while the focus of the talk wasn't on kim severson's spoon fed, i am a big fan of this work. i am also a fan of gabrielle hamilton's bones, blood, and butter. both books, from my perspective, are brave works. both are brave in their willingness to show vulnerability and truth. i have much respect for the books.

ck hasn't read either books but that didn't stop here from borrowing mine to read later and attending the talk. up until the day of the talk, we were trying to figure out how we were going to spend the evening and decided upon a visit to the just opened biergarten (on octavia), then dinner at sebo, and then finish up with the hamilton and severson talk.

as i walked down hayes and made my way to biergarten on thursday, i received a text from CK indicating that she was already there sitting with some friends. i just shook my head. small world. such a small world. i had no idea that these friends were going to be at biergarten.....and it seems that for was an impromptu visit. san francisco is such a small town.

anyway, after our visit to biergarten, we headed to sebo. i was extremely excited about our visit to sebo. while ck hadn't been before....i have. i find that after a visit to sebo, i end up recalling it for some time afterward. i love the food. just love it. i love the way it tastes. i love the way it looks. i love the clean flavors. we had the omakase (6 course tasting menu), the broiled eggplant, and the brussels sprouts. i was rather thrilled that ck loved it as well. it was a great addition to the evening....before we headed to the talk. the plates were pretty clean by the time they were cleared away.

i took zero pictures.

let me tell you what i usually don't do when the people that cook my food are literally right in front of take pictures. there may be about three exceptions to this....because these folks know who i am. also the atmosphere at sebo is one where pictures don't seem appropriate. if there was spare moment within chatting with ck, it was us letting the cook know how much we appreciated the beauty and deliciousness of the food. he was also great with the timing of the courses since he knew that we had a show to catch.....and we definitely thanked him for this before we left. yes, we also tipped well....but i don't know if sebo is pooled tip system.

by the time thursday wound down, i was on a high......lovely company, lovely food, and lots of lovely laughter courtesy of kim severson. the next day, i saw on twitter how marcia aka ms. tablehopper indicated that she thought kim severson should have her own show....i couldn't agree more.

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