Wednesday, October 5, 2011


i had just finished working on a project at jane on fillmore....sipping on a cappuccino.... when i checked twitter and read that steve jobs had passed on.

most of the time, when i hear of celebrities and the like passing on, i usually have only a cursory interest.

this was not the case when i heard about steve jobs passing.

having grown up in technology....around young 'uns who dreamed of working for apple's r&d when they "grew up"....and when i, a couple of lifetimes ago, would find reasons to run around the apple campus with engineers....and nosh in the surprisingly good kind of took the omnipresence of steve jobs in the valley and in the technology industry for granted.

as i grew older, i also grew to appreciate that despite certain challenges (i.e., the newton, his firing from apple, and a few other things of silicon valley lore) that he kept trying....and came back from it. it was one of those examples that i would replay in my head during a particularly challenging work project....about sometimes we don't understand why ....but how something builds the foundation for something else that will appear later....about how "failure" ....or what painfully feels like epic failure in a single moment....may actually lead to something unexpectedly wonderful and amazing if you don't let it paralyze you.

it was this that i was thinking about after i packed up my stuff at jane and ran some errands around town. as i headed home i took out the ipod from my seemed appropriate to have something so small in my realize how this person who i don't know personally has impacted me and inspired me throughout the years.

to also think about and know that it was the ipod that saved apple.

a device that sparked a revitalization of an organization and that in turn...initiated so many additional changes that we take for granted as an everyday part of our lives....from our expectations regarding design, to our expectations regarding music, to our expectations regarding usability, to our expectations about leveraging business.....that you don't need to go for the largest common denominator to have a viable thriving innovative business that can change the world.

yeah, a lot of thoughts were running through my head as i headed home back to my place. i checked twitter again and saw that folks were sending around a link to a speech that steve jobs gave at stanford. i had never seen it before and it is incredibly bittersweet in its appropriateness.

my thoughts are with the loved ones he has left behind.

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