Tuesday, October 25, 2011

spacey wiredness


it is about 7:45 pm and methinks i've gotten about 2 hours sleep since monday morning.

i'm in that spacey wired tired state....where things seem a bit surreal.

i suppose i should apologize in advance for random ramblings....but then again....folks that visit the blog (as opposed to just following me on twitter, google +, or flickr) are probably used to my random ramblings by now. i pretty much just stick to pictures on the other forms of social media.

i'm winding down for the evening with some yummy greens as well as black eyed peas over rice from some folks from good foods catering that did a soul food dinner popup tonight in the lower haight. i'm also sipping on a beer which, unsurprisingly, pairs very well. i'm hoping that i'll stay up at least for another couple of hours...as i don't want to be waking up at 4am or something like that.

my spacey wired state is my own fault of course....there was a meeting this morning scheduled for 4:30 am. it was a meeting that i needed all of the synapses afire for....it wasn't one of those meetings where one could just "phone in" and "tune out". nope. it really wasn't. i tried to go to sleep early...and get at least a few hours of sleep before the meeting....but alas, i think i ended up psyching myself out. i think i was so worried about oversleeping and not being awake for the meeting that my brain registered it as my needing to stay awake. so hence...i didn't get to sleep. at all. by 2am, i said "fuck it" and just got back up, got online, and did some work. when i got up, i saw that a friend i haven't seen in a while sent me a note asking if i'd be up for having lunch at the ferry building around noon-ish. i wrote to her about having a meeting at 4:30 said that i'd have to play it by ear as i was thinking that i'd be asleep by that point.

fast forward to 8:30am and i'm still working. at this point, i've been up for well over 24 hours. i figure that i've wrapped up enough things to head to bed. i think i fall asleep by the time i hit the pillow. yet, when i wake up...fully wired awake...not like eight hours later but two hours later...i'm like "WTF?" someone i work with mentioned that he thinks my body thinks i'm in the uk....it is well known at work that i do this kind of shit to myself all of the time when i travel for work.

nothing like training your body to do something and having it backfire on you.


on the plus side though, it meant that i could meet up with my friend at the ferry building for lunch...and i'm glad that i did. i normally do not go to the ferry building at noonish....i'm usually there about 10:30 ...which gives me a chance to pick up the things that i need from the market and say "hi" to richie, susanna, and mrs. hapa ramen before the crowds start lining up........

so my being there at noonish was kind of odd for me. yet, it was great to see my friend. we had a chance to catch up over a lovely reuben sandwich from wise sons. she already had the sandwich in hand when i met up with her....and was very gracious in sharing her sandwich with me.

quite tasty.

then i went to sodacraft to buy a ginger ale soda (my fave) to wash down the sandwich. sodacraft's spot seems to be nestled away with humphry slocombe on tuesdays...so if you are looking for either of them....if you are facing the clock tower...they are on the left side toward the back...behind a couple of farmers. i also later bought a duck fat pecan pie from humphry slocombe which i'm saving for later on in the week.

oh yes indeed. i may be spacey tired wired....but not that spacey to know that i would absolutely positively enjoy this treat later on in the week. priorities people!

i'm rather loving the fact that humphry slocombe is at the ferry building on tuesdays.

when my friend and i were wandering around the ferry building....oohhing and ahhing over cheese at cowgirl and whatnot....it definitely reminded me what i had written before....that despite crazy ass work hours for the "day" job and being tired....it really is important for me to take the time to do stuff like have an impromptu lunch with a friend at the ferry building.

hmmmm, methinks the beer is doing its job at the moment.

it may be time for me to sleep now.


please keep your fingers crossed for me and that i won't be waking up wired at 4am.

until later dear hearts,


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