Thursday, October 20, 2011

twice unexpectedly

i ended up at wing wings twice yesterday.

i think that is a first. you know, being at a place twice in a day.

i have been a fan of wing wings and the care they put into their food since they opened in june earlier this year. here is post i wrote about visiting opening day....and a pic i took later made eater sf....

yet, it was completely unplanned for me to show up twice yesterday.

over the past few months, i've been making my way through the menu....and if you follow me on twitter, not only do you already know're already aware that i'm a big fan of the house made biscuits in particular. i'm rather hoping that the biscuits will show up at different venues. one of the things i like to do is get the biscuits "to go" and have them with tea and/or coffee at home. here is an older pic of their brown sugar and black pepper biscuit with some of my homemade creme fraiche....

and when i had some in my kitchen and the heart sister took a nibble of one (she likes to go searching through my kitchen for treats when she comes over) and was like "OMG" when she tasted one. deceptively humble looking things....but not so humble flavor and texture wise.

i feel that way about a lot of the food that wing wings puts out....very deceptively humble. yet, when one takes a step back and thinks about the sourcing of their ingredients such as the well as some of the flavor combinations of the sauces (just one example...a gochujang influenced sauce called the "angry korean"?...someone has a wicked sense of humor)..... not to mention the components that go into the chicken salad on a biscuit.....these are combinations that would not be out of a place in "higher end" places with different proteins and plating. the technique is there as well....but it doesn't scream it.

see what i mean by deceptively humble? talk about hiding in plain sight.

i have a feeling that the FOH folks were aware of my continuous popping into their place because one day, a magnet appeared in the biscuit togo bag which is on my fridge...

speaking of FOH, the folks i've interacted with have always been super friendly. the service and food combined with careful touches within their place make it, for me, a comfortable place to visit. the touches include the elegant black and white framed photos on the walls, the dark wood stools and counters to perch on, the different types of sauces (hella hot is a fave), to the hiphop/r&b/soul streaming through the "boom box" even the tiny bowls filled with moist towelettes to clean one's hands. small touches chosen with obvious care.

so, given all of these wasn't a surprise that after i was rather annoyed about finding out that someone was using a card with my details on it outside of the country committing some fraudulent activities (i took care of it), i decided to take my comfort food break at wing wings....and had what has become a usual for me ....the chicken salad on a biscuit......

and some of the house flavor wings (it is the wing wings flavor)....

it hit the spot.

then when i was texting with sus a few hours later, she mentioned that she was on muni, was going to drop into wing wings, and was wondering if i'd be interested in joining her. i replied that i'd already been a few hours earlier but that i'd keep her company. i was still full from my earlier meal. yet, it would give us a chance to catch up....i was curious about how her visit to hawaii went. given how busy both of our schedules are, i saw this as a good chance for us to hang out for a bit.

it worked out pretty well because i ended up being able to try a couple of pieces of the fried oyster mushrooms (very tasty) and then have one of their sweet "biscuits" aka chocolate coconut raspberry buns for dessert....while i hung out with sus.

so that is how i ended up at wing wings twice in one day.

completely unexpected....but in a good way.

wing wings, 422 haight street, sf, ca, 94117, +1 415 834 5001,

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