Saturday, October 22, 2011


on the way home from an extended time at the market today, i was on muni trying to figure out where i was going to eat. it was about 3ish and at this point, i had basically consumed an energy bar, a few sips of coffee, water, an xtra dry ginger ale courtesy of jesse/sodacraft (methinks folks already know how this is one of my fave flavors from them), and a korean taco from namu all day. i was rather spacey. so flipping spacey, that i missed my bus stop to get to my place.

i figured that this was a sign of some sort.

so i stayed on the bus and hopped off at fillmore to grab an iced coffee from jane. methinks the iced coffee is one of my favorite things from jane. the iced coffee is from a siphon so the flavor is very clean and crisp. methinks that it is becoming (or has already become) a vice of mine. the FOH folks are also super nice as well. i got it "to go" as i didn't think that my smelling of pork, sun, and smoke would be a complement to their atmosphere and their typical clientele....especially on a saturday afternoon.

as i was walking around fillmore sipping on my coffee, i was trying to figure out what to eat. i knew that it had to be quick as i needed to get back home to work on some things for my "day" job. yet, i did consider going to OTD on bush...but again, my smelling of pork, smoke, and sun wouldn't really fit into the atmosphere....i couldn't see myself sitting at the bar ordering pho or the egg noodles with wontons....just two of the soups i usually order there. then i saw the 22 coming down on i decided to hop on and go to upper playground to do a wee bit of shopping. again, another vice. yet, i think i also realized that i needed to have some "down time" before starting work again. there was a sweatshirt from upper playground that i've been wanting for the past few months....yet, the times i've popped in....they haven't had my size and it isn't available on the web site. yet, i was in luck today as not only did they have the color i wanted....they also had my size.

i love that the player is not holding a polo stick. this greatly appeals to my sense of humor.

after i left upper playground i was about to hop back on muni, but there was this seductive siren call ......wing wings is only a block away....and i was imagining what some wing wings housemade biscuits with ck's homemade early girl tomato jam would taste like. ck's hubby dropped off some of her jam last night and it too has been calling out "open me! open me! open me!" since he dropped it off. i didn't buy acme bread at market today. i actually forgot. i can't believe that i forgot, but did.


anyway, so i decided that i'd get a couple of biscuits "to go" so that i could have that with ck's jam. as i got closer to wing wings, there was also this little voice in my head reminding me that i didn't have 4505 meats that means that i could also indulge in some chicken wings. those that read me and/or follow me on twitter have probably figured out already that i usually have a weekly "treat" for myself.....usually it is something from 4505 meats on a thurs or saturday....but for the past few months i've been alternating between 4505 and chicken wings from wing wings.

i just ignored the other voice in my head that reminded me that i was just there a few days ago.

dontcha just love rationalization?

anyway, i put in my order (small order of dry rub wings + 2 biscuits), paid, and then me and my spacey self chatted a bit with the friendly FOH folks. i won't name them...because...well, i don't have permission to do so. the conversation at one point turned to biscuits (no surprise, considering that these deceptively humble things are quickly becoming a well known vice of mine) and they mentioned that there was a new sort of sweet on the menu today.....inspired by a philly-based dessert pie from a company called tastykakes. while i had the unexpected opportunity to explore philly for a few days when i was snowed in there...and discovered how much i really do love that city....i had never heard of tastykake or tastykake pies. methinks the FOH folks are further enabling my vice-maybe-addiction-at-this-point by providing me with one to taste.

while it was tempting to just eat it right then in there....i waited as i thought it would be a good idea to have something more substantial in my stomach as i was already kind of spacey yet wired (courtesy of the iced coffee i was sucking on).

so, it wasn't until i arrived home, cleaned up, made my way through the tasty dry rub wings (again, so deceptively humble....i mean..."dry rub" is quite innocuous....yet the flavor is neither humble or innocuous. love that addition of lime).....

that i decided to dig into the pineapple sweet cream cheese pie.

my oh my.

i like this one a lot.


it really figures.

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