Monday, October 3, 2011

welcomed home

i'm back home.


i've been balancing getting things done and settling back in. i was telling someone the other day how the trip wasn't that long but it felt like it was years. right now i'm having my "second" breakfast of an emerald beauty plum from frog hollow farm (see top pic). i know it is the end of the season...but these plums are still super delicious. my "first" breakfast was some homemade yogurt. yup, i'm continuing my experimentation with dairy right now. this batch of yogurt was made with quite a bit of half and half....ha, i know.....i about decadent right? this is the beauty of being home and back in my kitchen. also, the serving size for myself btw didn't even fill a teacup.

my place is still rather messy. my bag and such is still by the door.

it will probably remain there for a couple of more days. next to pairs of shoes that keep growing by the door as well.


i have a feeling that my "third" breakfast will probably consist of an egg. i've been doing this quite a bit since i've gotten back. just making myself an egg...

and having it with a bit of salt. this particular egg is from marin sun farms btw. i also buy them from eatwell.

simple things and simple flavors really. yet, while i am reaching and making simple things at home for doesn't necessarily mean that i equate simple food with san francisco and home.

my first full day and evening home, i actually decided to eat dinner at the bar at spqr. i was pretty exhausted from the trip, the day, and other things.....and wanted a good meal with good wine. while i had taken sus to spqr for her bday brunch, i hadn't been for dinner since the chef change-over. a couple of months ago during my rye whiskey party, when marica heard that i hadn't been back since the change-over, marcia recommended that i sit at the bar to have dinner because she enjoys it there. i'm glad that i did.

i arrived soon after they opened and took a seat at the bar. a lovely person i know happened to be working FOH that night came by to say hi. this person also works FOH for hapa ramen. yet, they weren't the person that was the server for my meal. yes, i know, i'm still being super vague (deal with it. i don't have permission to name them.). i still, unsurprisingly, received good and attentive service. the times i've been at spqr for dinner....this has always been the case.

one time, i tipped a sqpr server 30% because she actually paid attention to me at the dinner table. i was dining with a very attractive straight man at the time and usually straight female servers go all "goo-goo-ga-ga" when i dine with him that i end up rolling my eyes at the distracted service that results. i don't penalize them for has happened way too many times over the years for me to not expect when a straight female server (and well, gay male servers as well actually) still brings their "A" game on when i dine with this particular guy, i think they should be especially rewarded.

anyway, it was just me at the bar and i was so not in the mood to study any menus. there was a pasta tasting menu that night and after i confirmed that it was still ok to have the tasting for 1, i said i'd have that. then i asked the bartender (who i suspect was also the som on duty) if they would bring me a red that was full bodied and fruit forward that would go with the meal. i have full confidence in the sqpr FOH team to know the wine list and what will go good with the food...especially given who manages the wine offering at spqr. i put myself in their hands and wasn't disappointed. in fact, there was this one red that was paired with my last pasta tasting that was so good that i told the bartender that it was the kind of wine i wanted to go cuddle with somewhere. it was that delicious.

in regards to the food, my fave tastes of the evening was....well...i suppose it was an amuse...but for an was pretty big. it was my first food taste of the evening, wasn't on the menu, and it was sent out. it was a dish of squash gnocchi and a few shavings of truffle...and the runner poured some broth on top of it. there was also a hint of parmesan in the dish as well. it was super delicious. i'm still remembering how i put my nose over it....just inhaling the lovely aromas.....and then tasting the puffy clouds of delicious gnocchi. the bartender indicated that the chef was experimenting with gluten-free offerings. as i have a friend who has celiac disease and am always on the lookout for places for her to eat....i thought that was a great idea. i also think it was just a lovely dish in general. i'd definitely order it.

then my other fave taste of the evening was the corn agnoloitti. i loved how there were thin shavings of corn...still together to form small sheets....and then there were whole larger kernels that were nestled among the agnolotti. i loved the different textures of the dish....and how all of the flavors came together. this made me hum with happiness and sigh about what it means to be back home in sf. if i wasn't in a restaurant, i'd probably have run my fingers through the plate to lick every last bit of the sauce off the plate.

it was around this time when the FOH person i know came by to see how i was doing as well as ask about when the next hapa ramen pop up is. i thought this was funny. so i texted a certain homie asking him when the next popup was and why i was asking. he immediately responded with the date so i told the FOH person.

needless to say, everyone should stay tuned for the next hapa ramen popup at bar tartine. it is coming up very soon. like really soon.

also, when it comes up, i highly recommend that you make reservations. seriously.

anyway, after i finished up my meal and headed home....i loved that i just had a good meal....with lovely tastes and flavors....i loved how i was walking on fillmore...seeing all sorts of people....and loved how i would be home in mere minutes.

it is good to be home.

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