Friday, October 14, 2011

"when you were little...."

"when you were little did you know that you would grow up to be a godmother?"

asked EC as we were walking back from having dinner at delfina where we had pasta (they actually have kid menu pasta items that they don't advertise), pizza, and arancini.....and right before we started running around a local park.

sometimes, i have no idea what EC is going to ask me or how she prefers to refer to me. for a while there, she was telling folks that she had two mommies. admittedly, i was rather amused by some of the speculative looks i received when she said that she has two mommies. i didn't feel like elaborating or clarifying that i was her godmother as opposed to her mother and i being in a committed relationship as co-parents. given that families these days are made up of folks that care for each other and are committed to being a family....i think folks should get used to families that may have multiple adults that care for the next generation.

my response to EC was "i didn't plan on being a godmother when i grew up. it was a nice surprise. you know, how things happen and they are a surprise? a good kind of surprise? that is the way i see it."

she seemed pretty satisfied with that answer.

by that point, we had reached the park and she started running around the park. this was all part of the foodie hunter strategy. i see kids like've got to wear them out....hence the running around the park. while this was going on, i was thinking back to when we were at the delfina and she was coloring on a picture of a pig playing a guitar....then she asked me "do you know how to cook everything?"

again, random question.

"no, i don't know how to cook everything."

"mommy says you know how to cook everything."



"i know how to cook a lot of things. yet, i still have to read books for things i don't know how to cook."

funny, huh?

anyway, after we finished up at the park and walked the rest of the way back to my place, i ended up dishing out a scoop of some ice cream from three twins that i had picked up at a local grocery store for our dessert. then we did some washing up, got into our pjs, settled in to watch an episode of a pbs kiddie show, and then finished the evening with reading a story.

as she is in bed right now, i kind of wonder how long it will truly be before she goes to sleep. the sounds of the city is just so much background noise to me.....that i hardly even register it....but it is a bit different when you are five years old and not used to it.

i wonder if she is going to remember tonight, other things that we have planned for this weekend, or how once upon a time she asked me unexpected questions that i tried to answer as candidly as possible. probably not. yet, i have a feeling that she will know that she is loved...because she is.

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