Monday, November 14, 2011

moment away from the headache

something hit me today and literally knocked me off my feet.

i think i caught a bug or something. completely unexpected.

at the moment, i can finally feel the headache lessen a bit....which is quite a wonderful thing. when i was talking to the heart sis this evening, i was pleading with her to not make me laugh since the headache would reach a rather epic level. the fam is going to be keeping an eye on me over the next couple of days. i think i'll be getting a check-in visit tomorrow as well as a potential delivery of some pineapple guava from their back yard. not only will it be good to see one of the godkids but i also do love pineapple guava quite a bit.

i know that it seems to be a bit odd for me to be writing, despite feeling a bit ill....especially with a headache. yet, one of the things i found out this evening is that a friend of the godson was diagnosed with a brain tumor. this friend is seven years old. i find this pretty heartbreaking....which is why i am writing about this now.

in case you haven't figured it out yet, this blog really isn't about food. this blog is about what i am thinking about at any given moment. this blog is me.

right now, i'm thinking about what it means to be diagnosed with a brain tumor at seven years old. seven years old. i'm thinking about what this mean for her parents. i'm thinking how does one explain this to the godkids....who are seven and five...that a friend of theirs has this. i'm thinking about how my family is thinking about it is natural to do so when your children are so close in age. how can you not think about the challenges that life presents and how there are things we can never predict despite so much planning. i'm hoping that the tumor will be benign and easily removable.

unsurprisingly, hearing about this also reminded me how important it is that people that i care about know that i care about them. this is really the most important thing.

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