Wednesday, November 16, 2011


the first slew of morning meetings is over. i'm waiting on a couple of things so i thought i'd steal away for a moment to revel in my crush over the pineapple guava that the fam dropped off yesterday. i know that they look quite humble .....small oval globes with bumpy lime green skins and tiny bursts at one end.

yet, there is more to them than just the humble visage.

as i take one in my hand....rolling the very firm, plump, and slightly nubby fruit through my fingers.....i bring it up to my nose and inhale the delectable fragrance....that hints of sweetness, citrus, green, floral, and a wee bit of mint.

then as i peel off the skin.....the ivory juicy fruit reveals itself......the enticing fragrance becomes more present and i can feel the freshly wet grainy pear-like texture underneath my fingertips...engaging and teasing the senses which builds up the anticipation for the tasting.....hmmmmmm....hey lover....

then as i slice into the fruit, i can't help but think how humble it looks....

so at odds with the potent fragrance. yet, then i take a bite.

the first note of tartness sparks the tongue....stimulating the senses to full alert....and then follows through with sweetness....almost lullingly....soothing the taste buds after the initial intensity.

hmmmm, such a lovely way to begin the morning....don't you think?

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