Sunday, November 13, 2011

stopping by my local "bakery" before sunday dinner

i was running a wee bit behind today. i wanted to ensure that i arrived to oakland on time to make sunday dinner at CK's house. while i had no idea what was on the menu, all i knew was that it was my responsibility to show up with the marrow bones (marin sun farms). i also knew what i wanted to put together my host present which would be a jar of peacotum (plum peach apricot hyrbrid) jam from blue chair that i already picked up.....some baked goods from wing wings, and a bottle of wine from paul marcus.

yeah, i know that wing wings that has a large focus on chicken wings. i also think the readers of this blog are aware of my affection for the chicken wings and chicken salad on a biscuit. yet, to be quite frank, i also treat wing wings like a bakery. for example, when the sis crashed at my place for an evening a while ago, i ensured that i was stocked up on the brown sugar black pepper biscuits as well as the pineapple sweet cream cheese pies (see top pic) which were a hit btw. we also paired the brown sugar black pepper biscuits with ice cream (strawberry je ne sais quoi from three twins for me....which is the one pairing in the picture..... and a vanilla goat milk ice cream for the sis).

so yeah, i treat wing wings like a bakery. i really shouldn't be surprised by this. the most common things i get from OTD on bush to go are the steamed buns and the pate choux. there is precedence for this kind of behavior.

when i like food..... i just like it. i also end up buying it for loved ones to try as well.

while i was a bit behind schedule today, i knew that i still wanted to buy some baked goods from wing wings before i picked up the marrow bones. so i got in a cab to the lower haight and i don't know what it is about me and talkative cabbies....but this happens a lot. the cabbie ended up telling me about this sandwich place that he likes in soma and then proceeded to ask me why i was going to the lower haight. when i told him that i had some jam in my bag and wanted to pick up some biscuits from wing wings as part of my host present for the sunday dinner know...something for the folks to have for breakfast the next day as a treat. he had a good chuckle and said something about how i must like to cook and then proceeded to ask me about the wing wings menu + how late it was open.

while i was answering the cabbie's questions, i did think this was rather funny on very many levels.

then i got his curiosity going so much that when we arrived to the lower haight....instead of dropping me off at the corner (which would have been much easier), he wanted to drop me off literally right in front of wing wings + double that he could get a good look at the place as he wanted to remember it for him to visit later. we were both chuckling quite a bit when i gave the cabbie the fare+tip and hopped out.

after i bought some brown sugar black pepper biscuits, i caught muni to bart.....

and made it in enough time to pick up the marrow bones and wine (a young barolo). sunday dinner included roasted marrow bones w/home made bread (using a tartine recipe no less!), a poached egg in the broth from the pot de feu (well hello you sexy dish), the super tender meat from the lovely pot de feu, and a deliciousness dessert of goat milk panna cotta, pears, and a pine nut brittle.

i think i'm still glowing from the pleasure from the meal.

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