Friday, December 2, 2011

eliciting pheromones

i slept in. it was glorious. last night before sus and i embarked on our wandering around the lower haight and up divis, we met up at wing wings so that i could buy a cinnamon pastry togo.

i had a feeling that it was going to come in handy today. as i picked up the pastry, the FOH folks recommended that i make french toast out of it....and you know....french toast sounded like a really good way to underscore my lazy morning.

i scrounged around my kitchen to see what i had on hand to make the french toast.....a kind of french toast that would hopefully be an appropriate homage to the pastry.

i decided that the french toast would be lovely with some of the candied spicy bourbon pecans that i made a while ago, fresh whipped cream with a wee bit of bourbon, and slices of warren pear (frog hollow). i made the batter for the french toast out of organic pastry flour, egg (eat well), cream, and maple syrup. i, of course, also fried up the slices of battered pastry with butter (straus european style).

it was a pretty decadent brunch. it was a way to have dessert for a legit way.

as i made my way through the breakfast, i was thinking about some of the food from wing wings in general...and specifically, the fried chicken that they are running as a special. they are plating it in different ways with different sides. folks should follow them on twitter to get a heads-up on when they are running fried chicken on their menu.

quite frankly, i never had christian's fried chicken when he was at little skillet. egad! i know, it is quite an omission...but alas, i never had it. my curiosity was rampant about it though. i think it is pretty obvious how much i enjoy what christian puts on the menu at wing wings. when i heard that he was going to put it on the menu, i ensured that i was on hand to try it and was very fortunate (believe me when i say i know how lucky i am) that i was able to have a sneak peek of the first fried chicken special that wing wings put out.....

which was fried chicken, greens, and sweet potatoes. they also plated some of the "herb" sauce (which is one of my favorite sauces for the wings btw) on the side.

i can still remember the first touch....the texture of it....the hot light coating....and the first bite....the hot savory salty crispy first bite.

i remember thinking "oh this is why. this is why there is a cult-like following for his chicken. hmmmmm."

it makes a lot of sense.

a hella lot of sense.

i wasn't surprised is aligned with my expectations.....given the experiences i've had with the other food offerings on the menu.

i've had the fried chicken again since that first time....and it is always so wickedly deliciously enjoyable. i end up licking and sucking on my fingers and bones....not wanting to waste any bit of the savory salty flavor. the last time i had the fried chicken came with an unexpected side effect.

i remember telling sus about it over dinner one night when we were at mission chinese and i was testing out the low light settings in my new camera......

you see, the odd unexpected side effect was that there were three males that decided to communicate and express admiration after i left wing wings. after the third time with someone who was at least a decade younger than me, i was like WTF? this kind of stuff doesn't happen to me. i remember tweeting something about it too. i only tweet about something like this if i'm extraordinary annoyed or extraordinary surprised.

i was extraordinarily surprised.

because....let's be frank, i'm not THAT cute.

i'm about average. when i've got my style going on, i'm not the most hideous thing ever. but-i'm-not-three-straight-dudes-giving-props-in-a-row-kind-of-cute.

most of the time, when i am approached/whatever....i know that it has primarily to do with perceived opportunity than anything else. i travel around quite a bit by myself....and i'm short. as a result, i find that folks see me and my short self walking around by myself..... they see that as an opportunity to "go fishing". you know...."just to see what happens". i bet it would happen if i had horns, a tail, and three noses....simultaneously. victor was asking me about this the other night when we were sharing a meal...and mentioned that he thought that sounded rather scary to deal with. i hadn't thought about it that way. i think of it as something that any female has to deal with when traveling around by oneself in an urban setting. it is just the way it is. what am i going to do? not go out? ha! that would be a rather disheartening to allow something like that to keep one from living life., i know that it wasn't me, what i was wearing, etc....that was eliciting that kind of odd me and my nerd self have reached the only logical conclusion given the evidence.

i surmised that it must have been christian's fried chicken.

i think there is something about eating the fried chicken that initiates the release of pheromones.

i think that this theory also needs further if you, dear reader, decide to go try the fried chicken on special at wing wings.....please let me know if something similar happens to you as well.

can you imagine what a scientific breakthrough this would be? pheromones from fried chicken? that would explain why so many people love fried chicken. you know that someone....somewhere....somehow....would figure out how to bottle it......all in the name of science of course.

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