Friday, December 2, 2011

hola chica

hmmmmm. winding out for the evening.

there are a few things that i could be thinking about....that i probably should be thinking about....but i'm too tired and really don't want to deal with those things. i know that i have relayed quite a few stories within this blog....yet for every story i do write....whether they be contemplative (musings about FOH), silly (pheromones), etc... there are dozens upon dozens that i do not write about.

the majority of stories.....i keep to myself.....there are some that aren't meant to be shared.

for various reasons.

yet sometimes, writing of the stories and musings that are ok to make public....still provides an outlet for those stories that cannot be shared. it is a story. it is a connection. it is a voice.

so as i wind down, i'll write of a small story of a recent visit with the family. it was a pretty chill visit that included kid sitting, making food, and eating food. interestingly enough, hapa had some loaves of rye bread from wise sons and offered me a loaf before i hopped onto the ferry to go meet the fam. i wasn't about to turn that down. i've only had a slice here or there before on sandwiches and such...yet i knew that i liked it. i thought it would be a great opportunity to eat more of it...for snacks and such. i'm such a carb gal. i'm not the only one that likes the rye bread from wise sons.....the fam ate the entire loaf within a 24 hour period. we all enjoyed it quite a bit. here is a pic of me having a couple of slices with butter as a breakfast snack while i looked through the sis' copy of ryan farr's whole beast butchery book.

later on during that day, the heart sis made a Nicaraguan version of salpicon and plantains for dinner......

and a ginger cake for dessert.....which is not Nicaraguan but one of her hubby's favorite desserts. i kind of love how there wasn't a second thought about having rye bread, butter, and tea for breakfast to having nicaraguan food for dinner.

folks may or may not have guessed by now that when i refer to my "sis", "sister", "heart sister", that we are not biological sisters. yet, she is family and i do think of her as such. we met when we were very young, have remained close ever since, and in many ways "grew up" together. the reason why i bring this up is that you, dear reader, may have guessed that while we are both american, born in san francisco, and raised in the bay area.....we have different ethnic backgrounds. her parents were from Nicaragua and mine were not.

interestingly enough though, when we went to a local latin market to pick up a few things for dinner....i did my usual thing when i'm not familiar with a grocery store.....i look at all of the shelves. i mean, i really look at them. i especially like to look at them if they are filled with many foodstuffs that i normally don't see. while i was doing this, i picked up a couple of things and was greeted with "hola" by staff. i said "hola" back as that seemed like the polite thing to do. if they spoke to me in spanish, i indicated in english that i was just looking. i don't speak or understand spanish. when it came time to pay, "hola" greetings were exchanged....and then i do what i always do when someone speaks to me in a language i don't understand when i want to buy something. i smile and i give them the highest bill i have. i've pretty much done this in every country i've visited where i don't speak the language. yet, before i go a country, i pretty much figure out how to say hello, please, and thank you. it is amazing how far one can get with learning those words in any country you visit. so when the cashier gave me my change, i said "gracias" and then the sis and i walked out.

i think we were about 3-4 steps out of the store when the sis exclaimed how the staff thought i was latina.

yeah, that happens.

it happened when i was in texas and it happened when i was in merida.

go figure. i don't see it...but i guess other folks do.

the sis has heard quite a bit about my various travel experiences where folks like to play "let's guess the foodie hunter ethnicity game". an unsolicited game at that.....but i think this is the first time the sister has actually seen it for herself.

then the sis relayed how when she goes into that store she never gets the "hola" greeting....and how she always gets "hiya". she was a bit exasperated....since...well....she's the american with the Hispanic ethnic heritage....and not me.

then i burst out into giggles.

the irony of it all....just tickled me.

then i said "i'm totally going to write about this"....between the snickers and cackles.

it is kind of amazing what people's perceptions can be. how sometimes we see only what we want to see....or see what we believe we should be seeing.

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