Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"must love yaks"

tough day today.

filled with conflict, politics, and anger.

the kind that makes one....or me....feel like i should sit in extremely hot if the taint of the experience could be washed away. after over seven hours of this, i really needed to take a break away from everything. i think it helped that i decided to check twitter and my feed seemed to have quite a few references to the rather hilarious video snippet that is a promo for the upcoming broadcast segment where ryan farr talks sausage with martha stewart. in that minute long video, there is MARTHA STEWART bringing up how sausage casings can be akin to condoms. there was some respectful banter from ryan farr and i have to give him props for "going with the flow" so gracefully.

i know if was me i think i'd be rather dumbfounded and speechless.

i watched the video twice in a row and laughed aloud both times. it was a good reminder that there are other things going on in the world. it was also a good reminder how laughter helps make anything a bit easier.....and how stepping away from something toxic is also a good idea.

so i decided to take a walk.

yes, i know it is a bit chilly in sf right now...but i really just needed to take a walk. i walked around the neighborhood for a while....and then started thinking i should eat something before i go to the sfmoma party tonight. i should have something in my stomach. i hadn't eaten all day. yet, i really wasn't hungry. i tried to think about potential things in my neighborhood. i received a note/notice via social media from some branding folks that roostertail was opening up in lower pac heights on sutter and decided to take a wander by. while i really wasn't in the mood to try something new (sometimes, in moods like this one.....i just want something that is familiar, comforting, and good) but i thought since i was walking around i should take a peek...and make an effort. i took a wander by and definitely saw from the outside some stylish the red chairs that pop. i love red.

there was also a sign in the door/window that indicated that they wouldn't upon until 5:30 today. this makes complete sense as today is their first day.

frankly, i must admit that i was a bit relieved.

in my head i thought "well, i made an effort to try something new! now i can just go to wing wings instead." it is really where i wanted to go all along....someplace i knew that i would is a comfortable space with what i know will be good food. it was like the universe was saying "yes! you don't have the be the exploratory foodie hunter today." i'll try out roostertail another day. i'm always interested in seeing what new places decide to set up a place my neighborhood.

so i went to wing wings and the always friendly FOH predicted that i was going to order the fried chicken that they are running on special today. under normal circumstances, i totally would have. i love the fried chicken...specifically christian's fried chicken (hello, well documented in the blog already). yet today....methinks because i wanted something that i personally find very comforting....i wanted the chicken salad on a biscuit. i think we each have certain comfort foods....and this is one of mine. i love the biscuit. i love the spices (which i suspect is a swipe of the herb sauce i love so much in addition to a few other things). this tiny sandwich is one of my personal hall of fame comfort foods (what's in my hall of fame comfort foods that i don't personally make? pho, bun bo hue, banh cuon, banh gio, carnitas burrito from la taqueria, farro porridge from il cane rosso, 4505 meats cheeseburger, and basically everything that CK, amy, sus, richie, and humphry slocombe make).

nope, i didn't take a picture of the chicken salad on a biscuit. i didn't really feel like it. i just felt like eating it and the crispy crunchy pickles. i love those pickles. yet, i think those that read me often enough have seen many o'many pics of what this looks like.

it hit the spot and then i headed back up fillmore to grab some coffee before i went back to work. i had to laugh when i saw the sign outside jane today (see top pic). it is always nice to have a moment of random laughter. when i went in to place my order, one of the baristas made a guess about what i was going to order.

methinks i'm rather predictable huh? but in a good way.

as i walked home, i reminded myself that although earlier had been pretty doesn't always have to be like that....and it is good to step away....into something completely and 100% different.

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