Wednesday, January 25, 2012

foodie hunter goes to the ball

a few weeks ago, i was investigating some events happening in sf and came across references to the edwardian ball for the first time.

a friend and i were quite curious about it and both decided to do a bit of research first including a visit to dark garden in hayes valley. dark garden put on a "prepare for the ball" event where they had pieces for potential costumes as well as ready made corsets for folks to try. we were both game for the dark garden visit and would then decide on whether we wanted to go to the ball.

i've been wanting to visit dark garden for years and this seemed like a perfect excuse. admittedly, each time i dog sat hector in hayes valley or paid a visit to the blue bottle kiosk on linden....i would peek quite longingly at their window displays. dark garden is located right next door to blue bottle. their clothing and corsets have opulent and lovely fabrics....that seem to whisper..."wouldn't you like to touch me?". i do love textiles quite a bit which is why it is rather dangerous for me (or my credit card) to be in places like britex and dark garden.

in doing research for a potential costume for the edwardian ball, i really got into digging into uber clearance sales at various places....trying to piece together an appropriate outfit for the ball. it came together unexpectedly quickly and then by the time we went to dark garden, i knew i could go to the ball with or without a corset.

i ended up buying a corselette. (see top pic).

c' we all knew that was going to happen. from my perspective, a corselette is akin to a large obi belt. it also enabled me to make a relatively inexpensive purchase, test out how i felt wearing it....and then decide if i want to have a custom corset made ($$$).

when the evening arrived, we were pretty excited. we had our outfits ready and my friend also had her hair and makeup done in the time period. when my friend walked into her house after getting her hair and makeup done (i was being introduced to 3D video games and skyrim by her husband while this was going on), i remember thinking "holy shit! that looks so cool". so then we put on our costumes and really did look like figures from the past.

i think this is hella lot more fun than dressing up for halloween (which is something i don't really do).

folks really go all out with their costumes at the edwardian ball.

not just edwardian styles btw....but also victorian, a mix of edwardian/victorian, and steampunk. i was gawking at people all night....the fabrics, the craftmanship of some of the clothes, the accessories, etc. etc. i also found the event quite friendly and very refreshing. people go to see and be is a costume ball.....but it wasn't a "scene" in a negative sense.

it wasn't a meat market or a mean market. i found people to be very friendly and enjoyed myself quite a bit. the bar endeared itself to me as well when i found out that they were using templeton as the house rye for their cocktails. there were various objects on display as well as

performances....from music, to dance, to acrobatics, as well as performance pieces.

there were some folks that were quite puzzled that i would even go to something like this. my response was "why not?". one of the amazing things about living in san francisco include the amount of subcultures here. i love how one weekend, i can go to venue to listen to moombahton and the next weekend go an edwardian ball....and how that really isn't weird.

i've tried to pepper photos and videos throughout the posting ....but i don't think i'm really doing it justice.

perhaps next year, i'll do a better job.

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