Thursday, January 26, 2012

my pics in 7x7

when foodspotting was in the alpha stage, i contributed 15 pics to their site...including pics of bi-rite creamery's salted caramel ice cream and humphry slocombe's secret breakfast ice cream. before i uploaded the pics, i reviewed their terms and conditions which indicated that they have a royalty free license and could share content with their partners. this is pretty much the major reason why i've only uploaded 17 pics to their site since its inception as i usually prefer to retain rights to all of my pics. i like to know where they end up. just because i take pics of doesn't necessarily mean that i endorse it personally.

it just means that i've taken a picture of it.

there have been many pics that i've donated to vendors, especially vendors just starting out....or organizations that provide assistance including la cocina. yet, most of the time....i retain rights to all of my pics.

yet, i liked the idea of foodspotting when they were in alpha and also liked the idea that i could post a few pics of dishes that i liked.....and if it meant that folks would visit those places to check out these dishes or foods....then that was worth giving up control to where the pics may eventually end up to a few pics.

fast forward year or so later, and i was looking online at the 7x7 big eat 2012....and guess what? two of my pics that i posted on foodspotting showed up. this makes sense since it is pretty obvious from the site that there is some kind of strategic alliance or partnership between 7x7 and foodspotting.

i was surprised and not surprised when i saw the pics show up. overall, i was glad that bi-rite and humphry slocombe were getting shout outs (i do love them both quite a bit. yeah, i know....complete understatement.)

this is also an example of what i mean by using "foodie hunter" as a this a pretty good example of how user generated content can be re-purposed....and done legally. in "old world" publishing terms....this is something that has the potential to be interpreted as derivitive or an alternate channel of distribution (third party partnerships).

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