Thursday, February 23, 2012

loosely inspired cocktail

winding down for the evening....there are some early morning meetings in a few hours so i'm going to try to get some sleep in beforehand. i'm sipping on a cocktail experiment....which is loosely inspired by the "wry rajah" from the sense that the combo of bird's eye chilies, carpano, and fruit stayed with me. the dosa cocktail used birds-eye chilies, carpano, cherry liqueur, mango juice, and rye....while the cocktail i decided on experimenting with this evening includes bulliet bourbon, carpano, orange juice, candied yuzu, spiced pear syrup (june taylor), and dried bird's eye chilies. while they are significantly different cocktails...there was a not so small part of me that felt like i should say where the idea for this experiment came from.

it just feels like the right thing to do.

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