Tuesday, February 14, 2012

maple coffee yogurt with spiced pecans

winding down for the night before i go to sleep. it is one of those situations where i'm not writing about what i'm really thinking about....but rather something else instead.

sometimes, the best way to process something is to step away from it and think about something else for a while.

i'm looking through some pics that i took earlier today during a break from work. it was one of those dishes where i randomly threw together what sounded good and what i had immediately on hand. after a few hours of meetings and such this morning, i went into the kitchen to grab a snack. i decided to have some fage yogurt and instead of having yogurt and honey....i decided to add a bit of the chilled coffee (philz) i had in my fridge to the yogurt.

yes, i often make chilled caffeinated beverage for me to drink throughout the day such as lychee infused black tea, chai, or coffee. sometimes i'll have coffee with condensed milk over ice or with just a bit of cream or full fat milk....so having chilled coffee easily available is not unheard of in the foodie hunter household. once i mixed those together, i looked around the kitchen to see what else i could add. i saw that i still had a few of the honeyed spiced pecans left over from yesterday's oatmeal so i thought....why not? and then added some maple syrup for some sweetness. i already knew that maple and coffee would go well together (ahem...the coffee bourbon maple bun from the no longer around tell tale preserve is a prime example of how coffee and maple works.....as well as having coffee with pancakes + maple syrup....)

unsurprisingly, it was pretty delicious and i was able to take some fun food porn shots as well.

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