Monday, February 20, 2012

tea and biscuits

taking a break after a few hours of work this morning.....sipping on some spicy chai (brewed strong tea from the uk with cinnamon, cardamon, black pepper, dried chilies, and cloves from the pantry....and i add hot full fat milk and a bit of cream...yes, i said cream). with that level of spice going on, my breakfast snack this morning are leftover biscuits from wing wings....they reheat beautifully in the oven.

last night was a work late kind of night and to help get through the night, i went by to pick up some fried chicken and biscuits. i purposely bought more biscuits than i knew i could eat in one sitting for the express purpose of having them for breakfast today. by now, dear reader, i'm certain that you already know that i'm an advocate of christian's food and have been eating at his and lisa's place since they opened last summer. not only does christian cook some delicious food (i'm sighing out loud right now as i think about it and remember the first time i had his fried chicken...i was like DAMN!... anyway), i also respect how they are active in the community....from past mentoring work with la cocina, to organizing events in the lower haight (aka holiday fair as an example), to providing food for a fundraising effort for fire victims at haight/fillmore, to giving industry folks without a brick and mortar an outlet for goodies or popups, and providing a comfortable space that draws in community.

quite frankly, i have teased certain members of wing wings (who shall remain nameless) about their unofficial fan club filled with very passionate members. many o' many times have i personally seen folks who are walking by...just pop their heads in to say how much they love the food...or wave to FOH folks with unflinching gusto. there are also the regular clients who provide unsolicited and very enthusiastic assistance to newbies in line about what they love on the menu. there are also the other random community oriented moments that make me smile....there was this one instance when a young lady had just bought buddha's hand from a local market (i suspect it was bi-rite) and came in specifically to show them and talk about it. i remember that moment quite clearly because i remember wanting to take a picture of that moment...because it was an adorable moment that i thought spoke volumes about being present in the community. but i didn't because it wouldn't have been appropriate. while i have never had conversations with anyone at wing wings about this....i get a sense that certain FOH prefer to stay under the radar (or away from cameras). i can completely understand that.

if i was with hapa and a moment like that happened...and i wasn't working service...then it is very likely that i would have taken a pic...yet my relationship with hapa is different. hapa has become family and with wing wings i am an unabashed member of the unofficial fan club.

i do hope that when hapa opens up the brick and mortar space on fillmore off of geary that folks will have that same level of enthusiasm, comfortability, and bring in people from all around the city.

personally, tomorrow night (i.e., tuesday) is going to be interesting as hapa is going to have a popup at wing wings starting at 6pm. wing wings is typically closed on tuesdays. while some may be surprised at the event....however....if you follow either wing wings or hapa ramen via social media outlets such as twitter....this won't be surprising at all. there has always been mutual support.

unfortunately, i was out of town for the last hapa popup at wing wings so i wasn't able to stop by. as i am in town this time, i'm looking forward to seeing what it is all about.

well, break time is over....and must get back to work....until later....


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