Tuesday, February 28, 2012

winter picnic

getting ready to enter the day. sipping on my coffee. seeing and hearing folks begin their commute to work....likely making their way downtown. the odd spot of sunny winter weather that shined in on san franciso is retreating. as i get myself settled into my day, i thought i'd take a moment to share some pics of a recent picnic in a local park that happened over the weekend.

while i picked up a couple of things on saturday at the ferry building farmers market, it seemed even more busy than usual. perhaps it was the combo of sunny winter weather, folks that didn't visit last week because of the bridge closure, there was free parking for those visiting the farmers market, and the usual market crowds. i suppose that i wasn't in the mood. after a couple of darting visits to a couple of the core vendors i like to visit, i felt like i needed to leave. methinks i was looking for a bit of peace and quiet....so i left to just walk downtown. when i visit downtown, my preference is during the weekend in the morning or during twilight during the week. when downtown isn't as crowded, it becomes easier to stroll and just appreciate the beauty of the buildings and the scene.

admittedly, i've also shown this preference when i am in other cities....i like walking around the chicago loop or paris in the mornings on the weekend...when folks aren't out and about yet. after walking around a bit, i could tell that folks and tourists were beginning to really wake up ....which was my cue to exit. as i still wanted some peace and quiet, i settled upon having a picnic in a local park (that wasn't delores).

my picnic was supremely simple. i boiled some pasture-raised eggs from rolling oak and made a simple spice mix by grinding some dried espelette chili from tierra vegetables and then adding some maldon salt.

then, i rounded out my picnic with slices of acme bread, crispy salty tart pickles with a hint of heat from wing wings, and a duck fat pecan pie from humphry slocombe.

once i gathered the components of the winter picnic, i headed to the city park....taking in some of the green in this public space among such an urban landscape as well as a dose large of vitamin d from the sun.

i found a nice spot to settle in to nosh and read a bit.

it was a nice simple quiet moment.

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