Sunday, March 4, 2012

black abada dates

one of the reasons why i love going to the different farmers markets throughout the city is being introduced to an ingredient that i've never heard of before. sometimes, it works out. sometimes it doesn't. yet, i always wander the market being open to trying something that is new to me. while i was wandering around the civic center farmers market (aka the heart of the city farmers market) the color of these dates caught my i had never seen dates this dark before.

this is a pic that was quickly taken from my blackberry phone.

i do this when i don't have time to write down the name of something. it is faster to take a pic of the sign. i was pretty excited when i arrived home and had a chance to get my nerd on.

i decided compare them with medjool dates (organic us-grown) since i already had medjool on hand. medjool dates are a common pantry item for me. the black abada dates are truly beautiful. dark and glossy. the date in the front is the black abada and the date in the back is a medjool...

they are smaller and relatively less flesh ratio than medjools.

i tasted a couple and found dusky well as caramel and molasses.

they aren't as sweet as medjools and i think the sweetness for medjools linger longer than the black abada.

my first thought was that these would be a nice for a cheese plate or cheese board....and because it isn't as cloying sweet as medjools...they'd be a more flexible option for cheese pairings. also, my follow up thought was that these would likely be really good with a cheese and beer paring. i'm thinking of a dark beer with some slight effervesce. perhaps something like turbo dog (which i have in my fridge).

i have a feeling that i will be trying that a beer, cheese, and black abada date combo sometime this week.

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