Tuesday, March 20, 2012


yeah. it is about 1:30 am. i just finished my "work day" and am winding down for the evening. i sense quite a few similar days like this one until the end of march...which is naturally....the end of the quarter. i didn't leave my place today and found myself quite distracted while i made myself a lunch of egg in a hole. sometimes it isn't such a good idea to be distracted while making lunch as i botched it up.

oh yes i did. something as simple as egg in a hole. i suppose i'm sharing this with you as it doesn't always work out ....but oh well.

i knew how it started. it started with my slicing off a way too thick slice of pain de mie. then i thought, well, i'll just use two eggs.

yeah, the eggs i used where on the smaller side.

then i thought (after i already started) ...."hey...what about if i put in some of the brillat savarin with truffles i have in the fridge?"

i probably should have tried to have everything be the relatively same temperature as well....as opposed to cold eggs and room temp bread....and then have it cooled down some more when i put cold cheese in the hole. i should probably have had the pan be hotter as well when i started.

see what i mean by being distracted by work while trying to make lunch? even a very simple lunch.

sigh.... while i didn't look the way i imagined it would....and should have....it still tasted good.
the brown bits you see in the pic are the super finely minced truffles....which were a lovely addition. i'm also extremely glad that i didn't overcook the yolks....but i still botched it though.

it was actually a pretty decadent lunch.

well, methinks it is time for bed.


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