Tuesday, March 6, 2012

chocolate coffee wallop

sometimes experimentation happens at the oddest moments. this morning, i decided to make myself some hot chocolate. yet, for some reason, i wasn't in the mood for a milky hot chocolate and wanted a significantly smaller portion than what i normally make. not that i could verbalize any of this. it was all impressions as well as complete id-controlled wants and desires. it was all just done on the fly.

i took some of the valrhona dark chocolate pistoles (which are a standard foodie hunter pantry item) ....

and melted them with a bit of brewed four barrel coffee instead of water. usually, i find that it is easier to melt the pistoles with water (and sometimes spices depending on my mood) ....then mix the melted chocolate with hot milk.

yet, it was on the spur of the moment that i decided to use brewed coffee instead of water....precisely because i wanted an extra kick.

i also wasn't in the mood for a milky hot chocolate to have with my toasted baguette with straus butter and a vanilla sugar (baker's sugar + ground vanilla bean mixed together).

after looking at the already hot milk...i thought...well, why not froth it and add a dollop of foam....similar to what is done for a macchiato? i've never done that before nor tried it anywhere...so it was more of a "huh, lets see what happens?" kind of moment.

after taking a sip, i felt the immediate caffeine loaded chocolate rush....or wallop. i remember thinking "this stuff can knock someone on their ass". i usually don't have macchiatos in general....yet, i can understand the appeal. the hot chocolate i made was not super sweet. the chocolate was 70% . the addition of the dollop of milk foam helped cut the bitterness from the chocolate and coffee slightly.... and was quite lovely.

i have a feeling that this will make it into the foodie hunter's regular rotation.

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