Monday, March 5, 2012

dates and carrots

the earthquake was quite a wake up call at 5:30ish am this morning. methinks i can begin to feel the effects and while it has been a very productive work day, i think i'll be heading to bed soon. before i enter a mellow and comforting dream state....i wanted to share with you a surprise i came across today.

sometimes when i get my nerd on with an ingredient, i'll try the most random things. about six months ago, i brought home some fresh dates from the farmers market...and wrote two postings about it. one is found here .....

and the other is found here. one of the experiments was submerging two of the fresh dates in kosher salt.

then i forgot about it.

literally, until today.

six months later.

i was very curious about whether it was still edible.

i removed the now easy to remove outer skin....and this is what laid beneath.

actually, it was pretty good and the bitterness had dissipated quite a bit. while it had a lightly bitter note at the was still sweet in the beginning....and the light bitterness was no where near what it was like when it was fresh. the salted date had a jerky consistency to it and made me supremely curious about whether i could do a salt submersion with other kinds of fruit...perhaps something to try with thin slices of peaches or nectarines from frog hollow this summer. if i had more salted dates, i would have tried it with seltzer water. the inspiration for a salted date soda.... is the salted plum soda that some members of the family drank when i was a neophyte.

methinks my remembering this salted fresh date experiment is because i have dates on the mind with my latest acquisition of black abada dates. also, i was contacted today by one of the folks from the heart of the city farmers market (aka civic center farmers market) regarding the black abada dates posting i wrote. they asked permission to link to the photos/posting. i agreed and then also offered to donate the black abada dates pics to their this is something i have done before (i.e., la cocina, start up vendors, etc.) and it seemed like a natural thing to do as i want to support folks going to the city's various farmers markets.

folks that read me regularly know that a significant portion of my blog (as in my life) has produce woven in. i take full advantage of one of the major perks of living in the bay area. the other night, when there were some folks over at my place and we were in my kitchen, there were some inquiries about the carrots i had in cup. there were a few left over in a cup from when i was snacking earlier. i snapped off a piece of one of the carrots for them to try and said that this was a star route carrot. they ended up sharing that piece amongst the two of them. the cook visiting from the east coast was particularly surprised and said " a good carrot." my response was this is why i buy carrots from star route farms on saturday at the ferry building farmers market.

this is just an example of why....when i leave town for an extended amount of time....i miss the produce from home.

it was nice to be able to show someone in person why i enjoy going to local farmers markets.....and perhaps with pics like those of the black abada dates....and what i write of'll be inspired to wander around your local farmers market and be open to what it may offer as well.

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