Wednesday, March 21, 2012


winding down for the day. i'm glad that it has been pretty productive. methinks that sometimes it helps to be focused and productive. last night, i ended up taking an evening break and grabbing a bite to eat at the bar at the boxing room in hayes valley. they have quite an extensive amount of bar seating there. i remember how much i could feel my mood lift when i was only a block away from the boxing room. looking back on the seemingly impromptu decision to go to boxing room for dinner.....methinks it was linked to my looking through my first cookbook earlier.

this was the first cook book i bought for myself when i was a kid.

i came across it in a used bookstore and just knew it was meant for me. it has been with me ever since.

it is funny how certain things embed themselves in our subconscious without even realizing it and how it impacts our decisions. so, there i the boxing room. i pretty much knew what i was going to order. i knew that i wanted to have a dinner of sides with some abita.

you know how we all have certain tastes that we affiliate with a place? for me, abita is one of those tastes that always makes me think of new orleans. my making meals out of sides is also not a "new to me" sort of thing. when i went into henry's soul food....that is exactly what i would do. one of my favorite memories of new orleans is of me eating a bunch of sides from henry's soul food while sitting in audubon park. alas, henry's soul food is now closed and it is unlikely i will be visiting new orleans for quite some time. good thing that the boxing room in hayes valley is pretty easy for me to get to.

for my dinner, i ordered the greens, red beans + sausage, dirty rice, and cornbread muffins. it was all supremely delicious and there was something amusing about having my dinner in little cast iron pots and pans. it was like i was having a dinner of tapas or new orleans style dim sum. the greens were succulent, savory, and tender. the cornbread muffins were moist with a hint of sweetness.

the red beans + sausage hearty meaty salty goodness.

the dirty rice...i was cheating a bit because i already knew that i liked this from them as i fell for their version of this the last time i visited. it is a lot of food. i totally over indulged myself but it was completely worth it. i wouldn't be surprised if i found myself doing the exact same thing again.

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