Wednesday, March 28, 2012

hanging out last night at the hapa ramen popup at wing wings

hmmmm, currently taking a break from work. i purchased a ticket to attend the commonwealth club event tonight that featured st. george spirits....but i ended up not leaving my place today. i'm a wee bit nervous about some of my early morning meetings tomorrow and the work that needs to be completed by the end of the quarter (aka tomorrow and friday). i'm not bitter about missing the event though....there were things that needed to be done and i made a choice. i purchased the ticket a while ago but i decided to spend any free time i had with friends over the weekend and also with hapa at the wing wings popup on tuesday night.

on tuesday night, the rain was coming down quite a bit. once work was at a point where i could step away, i texted sus and richie to let them know that i would be taking off soon and to see if i should pick up anything. pretty much the response was something to eat for the family i went to a local store to obtain an assortment of nibbles. after i picked out various breads, cheeses, olives, dates, salumi, and such that i thought would appeal to the crew, i caught a cab (it was raining...and muni would have likely taken FOREVER) to the lower haight. when i arrived at the popup, it had already been going for quite some time.

as i set up a section with the family meal goodies, richie made me a dish he was running on the menu that night....which was stir fried snow peas with cured back fat, thai chilies, garlic, and radishes. the backfat provided a lovely savory heartiness to it...and the snow peas were crispy with a hint of sweetness....and the garlic and chili added a nice warmth.

sus then made me a pimped out version of the spicy chicken ramen that she was running on the menu. i'd been looking forward to this for a few days now and unsurprisingly, enjoyed it quite a bit.

while i was stuffing my face and service was happening, sus and richie told me how the next popups were going to concentrate on non ramen hapa food. i said in between bites that i thought this would be a great idea.

i think most folks don't realize that the restaurant on fillmore off of geary is going to be called hapa and not hapa ramen.

the stand at the ferry building will be hapa ramen.....but the restaurant will be called hapa.

while folks that attended bar tartine popups may have had hapa non-ramen offerings such as the in-house charcuterie boards, sardines, foie, octopus, crab, uni, and various lovely dishes that feature amazing local seasonal produce....ramen has always been on the menu. perhaps, doing a couple of popups that feature solely the non-ramen offerings will reinforce the range of food that will be at hapa within the general public. i'm pretty excited about this as their range of techniques and chosen flavor profiles are just a couple of aspects that sets them apart. yet, i'm also aware that i'm in a bit of unique position because i'm able to observe their range not just from the popups, but also at various events they have done....and well, because i'm able to eat the food that they cook on their days off.

yes, they cook on their days off.

well, methinks it is time to head to bed....i'm going to need some sleep before the early morning meetings.

until later....

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