Saturday, March 3, 2012

impromptu tasting

sippin' on my morning coffee. i have no plans go to to market today. methinks i'm not in the mood for being around crowds and dodging people at the moment. i'll probably stop by the farmers market civic center tomorrow to pick up some asian veggies.

we'll see how i feel i suppose.

as i'm having a contemplative moment over my coffee (four barrel w/clover full fat milk), i'm recalling an impromptu dinner at nombe followed up by a whiskey tasting at my place. sometimes, i'll have events scheduled months in advance....there are many friends and loved ones with heavily scheduled lives....and other times, there will be spontaneous dinners and unexpected moments.

a group of us were having a lovely time at nombe for dinner since there was a cook in town from baltimore. after our nosh at nombe....evening was far from over. they had plans to go back to the kitchen to do some experimentation while i had plans to do more work. they were going to wait with me to pick up muni to my place then the cook from baltimore offered to give me a ride back to my place before they went to the kitchen. after explaining that my place was not anywhere near the kitchen...i could feel my eyebrows raise as he really was sincere about the ride and started referring to how tiny of a city sf is being seven by seven miles. he's obviously not from around here. i'm pretty certain i said that aloud a friend of mine...and they responded by saying that he seems to be just like that.

when i was younger, i probably would have been pretty stubborn about it and just taken the bus. these days, i'm not as stubborn so i was like "ok" and we all piled in the car. on my way to my place, i offered to let them pick out some whiskey from my place to take with them while they work in the kitchen. i had some containers that they could take whatever they wanted with them from my current collection. this seemed like quite a fair trade to me. the cooks seems to be really keen on the idea.

once we arrived to my place, i puttered around my kitchen a bit, getting all of the whiskey bottles out (which are a lot), pointed to where the glasses were....and also set out some empty bottles that they could use to siphon out what they wanted and take with them to the kitchen.

the assortment can be a bit overwhelming for folks who aren't familiar with me and my nerd self.

the cook from baltimore seemed particularly keen on trying anything from hudson. it seems that hudson is very difficult to get in baltimore despite its proximity to new york. someone else was keen on trying the four grain bourbon ...because it was distilled from four grains...which is EXACTLY why i bought it...i was just waiting to have folks around to try it serendipitous!!! so i ended up opening the hudson four grain bourbon so that everyone could try that as well. btw....for all of you dear readers who are based in san francisco, cask (near SFMOMA) is a good place to obtain hudson whiskey.

so it turned into a impromptu whiskey tasting.

i pretty much stuck to templeton...which is what i was sipping on while the folks were trying the templeton rye, old overholt, leopold peach whiskey, hudson manhattan rye, and the willet rye....before i opened up the hudson four grain bourbon. i must admit that i'm a fan of the four grain bourbon....oh yes....indeed.

as the tasting was happening, i must also admit that it was lovely to see folks excited about the chance to try multiple types of whiskey to compare, contrast, and see which ones they may like. i think this is one of the reasons why i like putting on tastings. oftentimes, when there are "official" is because someone is selling something or a particular brand....or there is another getting completely drunk so it really isn't about "tasting" is about numbing oneself or escape...rather than discovering different flavors and complexities. also, some tastings can be so incredibly stuffy that folks often can't relax or be honest. when i put on tastings with friends or friends of is more about creating a safe, nonjudgmental, non-intimidating environment for people to just be able to freely discover what they like or don't like.

there is so much fun just in the discovery and it lovely to be able to share that.

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