Monday, March 5, 2012

introspection over pasta

taking a quick break from work and noshing on some pasta with some leftover red sauce that i made over the weekend.

it was one of those sauces that took a few hours to make. i made it loaded with five or so different types of dried chilies (i.e., nora, pulla, espelette, cayenne, thai bird, etc.) and didn't really feel like pureeing it or grinding up the just left them crumbled in various sizes.

if i was making this for a group of folks to come over, i would have ground them before putting them in ( be more precise...i would have hydrated them first, then blended into a paste, separated into three to fry up with the garlic, onions, olive oil, and dried herbs....other portion with the meat and before the tomatoes....and the last portion about 30 min before sauce was ready) that guests wouldn't have to see larger pieces and all of the chilies would have been more integrated into the sauce. also, if this was for company.....i also wouldn't have loaded it up so much with garlic. yet, this wasn't for company and it is one of the perks of being a home cook and making things based on my mood. i was (and still am) in the mood for bold spicy hot assertive flavors. my place smelled absolutely heavenly....of tomatoes, peppers, and garlic.

i love making batches of things that enable me to have tasty and quick meals for a few days. this is actually the second time i've ended up having an early lunch of pasta and sauce. here is an earlier shot of having leftovers for breakfast actually.

methinks i'll be making a small pasta bake with the sauce and copious amounts of cheese sometime as well. or i may freeze some of the sauce for a rainy day or when i don't feel like making anything. yes, that does actually happen in the foodie hunter household.

while i make my way through my comforting spicy and very tasty lunch, i was thinking about a recent ted talk from susan cain that is saw online recently. i first heard susan cain during a NPR interview. she's currently promoting her book on introverts. naturally, as an introvert, i found it a bit heartening to hear positive feedback for being one....or how there is value in introspection.

i would agree that currently within american culture that there is more positive reinforcement for being an extrovert than being an introvert. throughout the years, i've worked very hard to advance certain "extrovert"-oriented skills that are necessary for the job (i.e., public speaking, presentations, actively socializing in large work groups, marketing oneself and one's team...etc.) which are all things contrary to my natural personality.
i've also documented here how helping out with friends' ventures doing things such as FOH, also requires me to exhibit traits that aren't exactly introverted either. yet i understand that in a work setting....or helping out with friends' ventures....somethings just need to be done....whether aligned with my personality or not. it is about a balance of challenging oneself, growth, and knowing who one is.

it was just really lovely to listen and see the shout out for introversion as well.

p.s. i originally tried to embed the video (which is allowed by ted)...but there is something about the HTML that messed with the layout/spacing...and it looked too odd. so included the link to the video instead....

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