Sunday, March 11, 2012

me the socially awkward interloper

i finished up a work project. i am eating some humphry slocombe secret breakfast ice cream as my reward for finishing up the project as i unwind from the day.

i'm also just shaking my head as i think about the day.

a homie asked me to drop by a bbq in golden gate park today.

it was a perfect break from work, so i grabbed some things i had on hand....such as chips, papalote salsa, beer, chocolate, and some whistle pig rye.

i thought this was going to be small super casual event in the park....maybe just the homie, his family, and some folks from the crew.


i was so wrong.

yes, it was casual but it was not small. it turned out to be an industry party.....filled with folks i was absolutely not expecting to see.

given how most industry folks feel about bloggers....i definitely felt like i was an interloper. even if the majority of them didn't know who i was, i knew who i was. plus, i'm rather awkward around large groups of people.

unsurprisingly, the food was very good.....really good sausage and steak. sigh.

the homie strongly insisted (ummm....demanded actually) that i say hi to one of his friends. this was someone who i have been an advocate of his food for a very long time.

while i have been an advocate of their food for a long time, i haven't really spoken to to the homie's friend because i didn't want them to think i was one of those dumb-asses that approach very talented and well-known folks like the homie and his friend ...because they are looking for special treatment or see them as "connections to work".

those dumb asses would quickly find out that is a bad idea to even try....but that doesn't keep dumb asses from trying.

when i see or hear of this happening, it makes me angry.

as a result, i'm perfectly happy just being advocates of folks' food from a distance.

i am also perfectly aware of how annoying the homie finds my perspective of being a fan from a distance. i am well aware that the homie thinks i don't give off that "i-want-special-treatment-vibe" and that i should just talk to folks when i am advocate of their food....******ESPECIALLY****** when they are good friends of his.

so i rather meekly followed the homie to say hi to one of his friends. i wanted to say "i've been a fan of your food for years" to the homie's friend but i didn't because

1) i know that he knows that i am foodie hunter
2) i know that he knows that i have been a fan of his food for years
3) i'm socially awkward and i really didn't know what to say outside of "hi" and "it is good to see you"....while true...doesn't mean i know what else to say.


me and my socially awkward interloper self needs to eat more ice cream.

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