Sunday, March 25, 2012

pearl's deluxe burgers

one of the things i noticed about a couple of my visits to pearl's deluxe burgers on market street was how friendly everyone is. the staff is friendly and the customers are friendly as well. the place is also spotless. the reason why i bring this up is that given the corner it is on....inside pearl's is a remarkable difference to the grime one sees just outside.

on my first visit, one of the friendly fellow patrons started up a conversation about the neighborhood, how often he goes to pearl's and was surprised that i had traveled specifically to this spot to try pearl's. at the time, i said that i was curious about it since it opened so that i wanted to make a special trip. which is true. yet, i also wanted to see how a place on this particular corner was doing. i still have to visit show dogs across the street which i'm certain has some similar things that they must deal with as well. this corner is really on the edge where so many different aspects of sf meet. there will also be a further change to this area once some highly well known and well employed technology organizations move in with their headquarters within a couple of blocks. the not so small nerdy part of me wants to observe the transition and change of this neighborhood.

my second visit to pearl's was last week. the visits were well spaced apart. again i noticed how the staff were on top of everything and how friendly they were. the level of service at pearl's is interesting. it definitely exceeds many places in the city with higher price points. on my second visit i bought a mini (as in 1/4 burger) spicy sly.....

with a side of springs (sweet potatoes + onion rings)....

as i was noshing, looking around the restaurant, outside of the window at the neighborhood.... i was thinking about how very san francisco this spot was. folks from many different san francisco subcultures eat here. there are folks from the neighborhood, folks that they looked like they had office jobs in the financial district, families, and such....all different backgrounds and ethnicities...many times sitting at the same tables. i observed the camaraderie and laughter of folks that walked by and regulars with the staff.

i get why people come here. they've created a space that is a part of the community...and is community.

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