Friday, March 23, 2012

richie writes for chow

i'm not certain why i decided to buy flower buds last night. it has been years since i've purchased flowers. it was an impulse buy that i didn't ponder very deeply as it was something i just reached for while getting a couple of staples at my local store. this morning when i awoke, the flowers had come into bloom. it was lovely to be able to look at such color for the first few hours of the work day.

after my slew of morning meetings and such, i decided to take a couple of pics....and just have a quiet moment to appreciate the beauty and vibrant grace of the flowers.

sometimes when an aspect of life isn't as lovely as it could be, it helps to be around those that remind you that one aspect of just that....a single aspect of it. as i look through the pics now and having just finished one of the critical projects....i'm taking a deep breath at a cafe in hayes valley....just taking a moment to breathe a bit....and write a bit.

yesterday, my break consisted of visiting with hapa folks in the stand before things got busy....just checking in, touching base, planning potential future outings with sus and mrs. hapa ramen, etc. i also had a chance to chat with richie while he was prepping and cooking fresh potato chips with two types of seasoning..... their in-house tasso spice and his take on an "everything bagel" spice.

we hadn't had a chance to speak in person since his piece for chow was published and during our catch up, i was reminded of why richie is a very good storyteller.....which unsurprisingly translates well into his writing. admittedly, i was able to have a sneak peek of his piece for chow before it was published and i was (and still am) very happy to see that he is writing again. he will be writing a series of pieces for chow and i admit i was also proud to see how well received his piece was by the local food community via social media. the first day it went live online, i must have tweeted about it a half a dozen times and posted a link to my now defunct google plus page.

like many people, i first became acquainted with richie's storytelling abilities on his linecook blog a few years ago. then, when a friend started working with richie at a restaurant, i didn't bring up how she'd be working with this guy that writes this cool blog...because i knew that she doesn't care about sort of thing (and still doesn't) and sf is such a small town. despite them working together, i never brought it up. for years. then he leaves the restaurant to start up hapa ramen and i have his food for the first time.....and i discover that i really love it. i was surprised and not surprised. just because i liked the blog doesn't mean i expected to like his food....but i did. all during this time, i still read the blog, followed him on twitter, listened to the podcasts, but never thought for a moment that we would ever be interacting in the future.

well, i was totally wrong.

exactly how wrong i was has been pretty well documented in this blog over the past couple of years....and yes...i've said so (and written before) but many thanks homie for your patience with me and my social awkwardness during those first few months. while i may have written snippets and stories about my experiences with hapa over the past couple of years....those are my experiences. i don't write the stories that i believe belong to other people..... and one day....i hope to read the story of hapa from richie. it will be a great read.

i enjoy reading richie's writing....whether it be the blog or other pieces he has done... because richie is a good storyteller with a distinctive voice....a voice that is frank, candid, and a very thoughtful way. when richie writes.... he puts himself out there and it shows. unlike me, who is cloaked behind the alias that is foodie hunter, richie is out in the open with who he is, what he looks like, and where you can find him. i'm just glad that folks can now find him....or his writing....on chow.

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