Saturday, March 17, 2012

to hyang in the inner richmond

last night, sus had access to a car so we were rather enthusiastic about potential places we could go in a car. it was also storming as well. i came up with way out in the boonies suggestions like outerlands....especially since the judah line is running modified service (aka no trains just buses) after 7 on fridays. she pointed out that there would probably still be lines. then i was like, "isn't there some really good korean place in the outer richmond or something?" then she was like...what about that korean place that anthony bourdain and chris cosentino went on layover? so i looked it up on my phone while she was driving. we were both surprised that to hyang was in the inner richmond...which isn't that far out there. yet, we decided to give it a shot and it was serendipitous because we found parking mere steps away from the place.

there are quite a lot of options on the menu.

the folks were really nice. the gentleman that works there was keen on keeping us well stocked with kimchi and pickles.

it should surprise no one that i have a deep and ongoing passion for the consumption of pickles. we ended up ordering braised oxtail, spicy intestines, and a spicy codfish tofu soup....

with some beer for us to sip on.

i thought it was funny that sus recommended this place....although she hasn't seen the layover episode yet. here is the segment of the episode....if you start at mark'll see coverage of the place we went to last night.

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