Wednesday, April 11, 2012

hapa at wing wings

earlier tonight, hapa provided all non-ramen offerings at their popup at wing wings....

they'll be doing another non-ramen popup on the 24th. for me, it was exciting to see a melody of different dishes on the menu tonight. there were so many influences present from italian, moroccan, thai, american, japanese.....and more. while i was on my way to the popup, i was thinking about how i could explain to someone whose never had the food...what the food of hapa is like.



the food of hapa reminds me of a jazz melody. you have musicians or cooks...who are are experts at various instruments or techniques....

then they bring notes or ingredients....together....listening to each other....drawing influences from all over the world...that speak to what inspires them, to what they are passionate about, to their every day experiences....which shapes how they put together the ingredients on a plate.

then when these cooks and their offerings come together...they create a moment in time that is filled with a blended melody of flavors that is very unique.....and very hapa.

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