Saturday, April 14, 2012

ginger citrus mint cocktail

i locked myself out of my apartment today and through a series of miscommunications and not so great luck, ended up being locked out for about six hours. it was completely my own fault. it was also a frustrating experience. i'm winding down and about to grab some sleep from the day....yet, i wanted to take a moment to try a drink experiment with one of the bitters i made. 

when i started out making these "infusions" i had no idea that what i was making were bitters. i was approaching the whiskey infusions from a cooking perspective. i wanted to have a pantry of different intensely spiced and flavored whiskies to use like herbs and spices within cocktails and also within cooking. it also enabled me to make a dent in the rye whiskey i still have left over from the rye tasting party last year. the first infusion i did was a white rye with golden cayenne chilies....which turned out so well that i immediately became curious about what else i could do. i kept thinking about how i could "season" a cocktail. it wasn't until after i made the infusions that i bought the bitters book that i realized what i was making (bitters + tinctures).

the cocktail i'm sipping on right now includes bulliet bourbon, fresh mint (both for muddling and for the garnish), sugar, maine root ginger brew (which is very very ginger-y so i'm pretty ginger with it...hee hee ....couldn't resist), orange water, fee's west indian orange bitters, an orange spiral, ice, and one of my house bitters (michter's straight barrel rye, bulliet rye, cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves).

it turned out pretty well and is quite refreshing.

some friends came over last night and tried one of the other spiced bitters i made with the ginger brew and said that it was a good pairing as well.

i'm intrigued and excited about the experimentation that i'll be doing with the bitters and have some ideas about more to make. i think my interest in this....ironically enough.... stems from how i have such a low alcohol tolerance. because i have such a low alcohol tolerance, i'm not seeking to get drunk off a cocktail. i really want the few sips of the cocktail i am able to have to taste assertive in flavors yet balanced. i want it to perk up or tickle my opposed to getting bombed.

for this particular drink, i really enjoy the combination of the warm spices, citrus notes, and mint.

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