Thursday, May 17, 2012

counter balance

i'm trying to keep a lid on my temper at the moment.

something just happened that i find rather mind boggling. i completed a draft email to my lawyer with evidence, correspondence, screen shots, etc. attached in case it wasn't going to get fixed and had it waiting...just waiting to hit the send button.

i was prepared and ready for someone to continue to be a deliberate asshole.

like i have mentioned before...when i get angry, i get very detail oriented.

surprisingly, they weren't an asshole like they were before.

it is fixed...but the fact that it even happened...i'm struggling to keep a lid on my temper.

what i'm trying to do right now is remember something good. something positive. something that may help counter balance my anger or dissipate that i can get my head back into work.

in an effort to think about something positive, i started looking through my pictures.

i'm looking through my pictures...and came across some of the recent pics of the hapa popup at wing wings earlier this week. although richie is in japan, hapa still had a popup running two unique limited ramens.

before i stopped in, i put together a family meal snacks and beverages for folks....

each component of the family meal was chosen for a particular person in mind. this time, family meal snacks included different sorts of local cheeses, prosciutto crudo from boccalone (something i also regularly purchase for myself), japanese kitkats (from nijiya market), and some hudson manhattan rye whiskey (one of my fave ryes btw) for cdouble to try.

from my perspective, when hapa is working a double shift.....or when certain friends of hapa are coming in on their days off instead of being at home with his feet propped helps to have a treat during service.

it was lovely to be able to stop by the hapa popup, hang out for a bit, and have some of the spicy chicken ramen that was on the menu....

you know, i think that did the trick. just reminding myself of a positive moment....a lovely memory...was just what i needed.

i'm ready to get my head back into work now.

until later dear readers....


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