Thursday, May 17, 2012

liholiho yacht club

last month, amy texted me to see if i'd be up for going to the liholiho yacht club popup at citizen's band with some other folks. "oh hell yes" was pretty much my immediate response. i'd been trying to visit that popup for a while...among my friends, i find monday nights are challenging to get folks together....and i wasn't certain if LYC was set up for solo diners. hence, i was excited to receive the invite. i met up with everyone for one of the last seatings of the evening and loved the meal. i remember during the beginning of the meal, i just paused...looking at everything the family style appetizers...and thinking "this is just so wonderful. truly wonderful." i suppose it must have showed up on my face because joe's response was "i know huh". it was a lovely evening hanging out with everyone over some delicious food.

when i saw that LYC was doing another round of popups at citizen's band, i knew i wanted to go again. yet, i really didn't want to take a chance that i wouldn't be able to meet up with folks to attend and miss out. i remember that the citizen's band space has a i thought that perhaps LYC would accept solo reservations for dining at the counter....similar to how i'll dine solo at OTD on bush, SPQR, or when hapa was doing popups at bar tartine.  i went to open table, saw that it was possible, and was super excited as i was booking it.

when the evening came, i arrived on time for my reservation and was very surprised to see that a table had been set up for me. perhaps because i'm aware of some of the challenging logistics of a small popup, i really did not intend to take up a two top table. i indicated to the FOH that i'd be more than willing to sit elsewhere, like the counter, in case they needed the two the reason why i made the reservation for one is because i saw the counter the last time i visited. a few years ago, this probably wouldn't have crossed my mind. just an example of how my experience with hapa has raised my awareness on quite a few things. yet the FOH indicated warmly that it was ok. btw, i don't personally know anyone that works at LYC. just thought i'd mention this and it was very nice of them to accommodate me. i'm bringing up the whole solo dining thing because the pics in this posting are of servings for a single person. if you and loved ones plan to attend a LYC popup in the future...and i really hope that you will... the portion sizes are scaled appropriately and served family style.

i settled into my table and glass of wine...and took a moment to review the menu. at LYC, you get everything on the menu...which is another reason why i wanted to come. i love being able to try so many different things.

then the food arrived....and it was just as lovely and delicious as it was the previous time.

the flavor profiles, textures, colors....just sooo good.

i ate everything.

i think i made one of the FOH folks laugh when she saw how i didn't leave anything except bones and the lotus leaf on the plate.

i was actually already full before i finished the meal...but there was no way i was not going to try, eat, and savor absolutely everything. if i had to pick my favorite tastes of the evening....and it is really would be the potato salad, the beef tongue, vinegar sausage, and the quail. during the previous visit, my fave was the tofu. also, the FOH folks were great on both visits.

i have a feeling that i'll be thinking about these meals for quite some time.

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