Wednesday, May 16, 2012

soba salad at home with a hapa brined slow cooked egg

sus decided to brine some slow cooked eggs with soy sauce, fish sauce, lime juice, and rice vinegar. hapa offered it on the menu yesterday at the tuesday farmers market and after i did a bit of shopping at the ferry building, i picked one up. i was very intrigued and wanted to try it. i have a thing for eggs. as chelsea once said, "if there is an egg on the menu, [insert real name here] will order it."


very true.

chelsea knows my thing for eggs quite well as she once made a dinner for me that consisted of soft boiled eggs that were breaded in panko and then fried. 

i am fortunate in my friends.

once i returned home with my various goodies, completed some work for a while, i went into my kitchen to make myself a quick lunch. one of my "go to" dishes is making myself a soba noodle salad. this time my additions included some lovely purple asparagus from zuckerman's farm .....

i love the color of the purple asparagus.

i, of course, topped the soba noodle salad with the brined egg.

it turned out very well.

the consistency of the brined egg.....the dense texture...the unexpected clarity of the yolk....was intriguing and tasty.

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