Monday, June 25, 2012

duck + foie at the next hapa popup at wing wings

unfortunately, i wasn't able to sign up for ryan's series of foie classes that just happened. one of these days, the stars are going to be aligned and i'll be able to take one of his classes. i missed out on my chance this round. there is just a lot going on right now with work, i was on call as my godfather was in town, and i also wanted to see if sky + i were going to see brave this past weekend. hopefully we'll see it soon. i know that both of us have been looking forward to it.

in between my working on "day" job stuff over the weekend, i had a chance to observe and learn a bit about foie by watching richie in the hapa kitchen.

i find that hanging out with hapa over the past couple of years, i learn a lot just by being there at the right time. i've been at the kitchen when richie was pushing the foie through the tamis before, yet, i hadn't been at the kitchen to observe the foie being prepped for the tourchon, poached in the sake mirin bath, and hung to dry. as i was observing richie do the prep for what will eventually become the foie terrine at the popup at wing wings tomorrow night (tuesday, june 26th) ....

it is pretty obvious that he's this done before. a lot. 

for those of you who have been reading me for the past couple of years, you already know that richie's foie is among my top favorite things that he makes. i've also made things like...a foie banh mi from his foie. while i was at the kitchen, i also had a chance to see some of the prep for the duck legs for the ramen. 

the marinade for the sous vide duck legs smelled heavenly. 

it is going to be very poultry centric tomorrow night at the popup at wing wings. hapa will be running a spicy chicken ramen, a duck ramen, and the foie terrine. i'm looking forward to it quite a bit. 

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