Sunday, June 17, 2012



i had a bit of an unexpected visit to the ER this weekend.

i'm ok now.

there is something odd about everything in one's body working perfectly fine....except one's access to air. i called the heart sis as soon as i realized something was wrong and she in turn, called her hubby, AC, because he was actively working his shift in the city. he was here when i called my healthcare on-call advice line. when i described the symptoms to the nurse on the line....she told me to lay down, call for 911, and wait for an ambulance to get here to take me to a hospital because she suspected i was having an allergic reaction.

instead of calling 911, AC took me to the emergency room. while i was being processed for admittance, the medical staff were a wee bit distracted. one of the security officers got all worked up wondering if there was a problem and another one of the medical staff asked the same thing.  i was wondering what the heck what everyone's problem was and why people kept talking to AC asking if AC was with me.

i was like WTF...i'm the one with the breathing problem here and why are you asking AC if he's with me? then i said he's with me because i called his wife, he works in the city, and he's on break from work to be here. they still ignored what i said. then AC said "she's not in my custody."

then the staff relaxed.

you see, i've known AC since i was 18. the heart sis and i met at college. AC and the heart sis have been dating since we've been in college. when i see AC, i don't see the uniform, i see AC who happens to be dressed for a shift at work. yet, when other people see AC, they see SFPD.

oh, for fuck's sake.

this is AC who when we were baby youngsters absolutely delighted in telling me that he arrested someone for solicitation that looked exactly like me. oh goodie. great to know that there is a prostitute walking the streets of SF that looks exactly like me. this is also AC, being a third gen irish american (aka white guy), makes japanese tourists all atwitter when he speaks to them in japanese. this was AC who i was across from in the delivery room....watching the heart sis give birth to their daughter....and my goddaughter...and both of us laughing because the OB/GYN was making jokes about her full head of black hair "like a chinese baby" as she was being born. this is also the AC that has faced some seriously dangerous bullshit for his job. this was the AC that was there with me, taking time out of his job, because he was concerned about me.  

he was not there because he had ARRESTED ME.

this is actually quite funny now. 

it wasn't funny then....but it is funny now. 

when i got home from the hospital, i called the heart sis to let her know that i was ok, i told her about that and we started laughing. 

a life without chosen family, friends, passions, and not a life. i feel fortunate. 

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